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Stay up to date on this proposal to rezone land at Kidman Park.

Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Code Amendment (Privately Funded)

Proposal to rezone land at Kidman Park

The City of Charles Sturt is investigating the rezoning of land at Kidman Park. The rezoning process is called a “Code Amendment” as it is a proposal to amend the South Australian Planning and Design Code.

The Code Amendment proposes to rezone around 12.6 hectares of land bound by Findon Road to the east, Valetta Road to the north, the River Torrens (Karrawirra Parri) to the south, and housing to the west. Refer to the Area Affected maps on this page.

The area of land includes the former Metcash site as well as two additional land parcels on Valetta Road. The land is identified as:

  • 406-412 and 414-450 Findon Road, Kidman Park; and
  • 5 and 7 Valetta Road, Kidman Park.

The Code Amendment proposes the rezoning of land from the current Strategic Employment Zone to the Urban Renewal Neighbourhood Zone, with a Mixed-Use Transition Subzone in the north-east portion allowing mixed use development in the form of residential and commercial.

Investigations (e.g. traffic assessment, stormwater management, environmental assessment, utility infrastructure capacity, built form and desired land uses) have now been undertaken and form part of the draft Code Amendment.

A Concept Plan is proposed to assist in guiding the assessment of future development. The Concept Plan shows desired maximum building heights, vehicle access points, pedestrian and cycling links, desired future public open space, and stormwater detention areas. Refer to the Proposed Concept Plan on this page.

Hard copies of the Draft Code Amendment were available for viewing during the consultation period at the following City of Charles Sturt sites:

  • Civic Centre and Library - 72 Woodville Road, Woodville;
  • Hindmarsh Library - 139 Port Road, Hindmarsh;
  • Findon Library - Findon Shopping Centre, Cnr. Findon and Grange Roads, Findon;
  • Henley Beach Library - 378 Seaview Road, Henley Beach; and
  • Ngutungka West Lakes Library - 9 Charles Street, West Lakes (just off Turner Drive).

Community were also able to find out more by attending one of two pop-up information stands held on 5 May and 14 May, read the information brochure and Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Draft Code Amendment (refer Document Library).

Community consultation has now closed

Consultation closed at 5.00pm on Tuesday 14 June 2022.

Community were invited to provide feedback on the Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Draft Code Amendment between Tuesday 12 April and 5.00pm, Tuesday 14 June 2022. Written submissions could be provided in a number of ways:

  • Online by completing this Submission Form; or
  • Online via the SA Planning Portal; or
  • Email and clearly mark as 'Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Code Amendment'; or
  • Post to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Charles Sturt, PO Box 1, Woodville SA 5011 and clearly mark as 'Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Code Amendment'.

Submissions needed to indicate if you wish to be heard, or don't wish to be heard, at the public meeting.

All written submissions are public documents and made available for viewing online and at the Civic Centre from the end of the consultation period until the conclusion of the process. The the volumes of consolidated and redacted submissions are located in the document library below and can be viewed here - Part 1 of 3, Part 2 of 3 and Part 3 of 3.

Attend the Public Meeting on Monday 20 June 2022 at 6.00pm

A Public Meeting for the Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Draft Code Amendment was held on Monday 20 June 2022 at 6.00pm at the Charles Sturt Civic Centre, 72 Woodville Road, Woodville. View the Agenda and Minutes of the meeting.

The Code Amendment process

The Code Amendment process includes a number of steps which must be undertaken before any changes to zoning or policy can be implemented. Broadly the process involves:

  • Initiation
  • Initiated: Preparation (pre-engagement)
  • On Consultation and Public Hearing
  • Consultation Completed
  • Finalised (Approved or Refused)
  • Parliamentary Review.

The Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Code Amendment (Privately Funded) is currently at the 'Consultation Completed' step.

An overview of the Code Amendment process can also be viewed on the Plan SA website.

More information

Information about the Initiation of Kidman Park Code Amendment can also be viewed through this Plan SA website link. You can click on the "Code Amendment Map Viewer" to view a map; or scroll down to the list of all Code Amendments and click on "Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Code Amendment" to read an overview and view documents.

The Code Amendment Timeline in the right-hand column provides a summary of the process and the status of the Kidman Park Residential and Mixed Use Code Amendment (Privately Funded).

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