We encourage you to connect and engage in the future of our City

What is Your Say Charles Sturt?

Your Say Charles Sturt is Council’s convenient, interactive online engagement hub where new ideas can be shared and important topics discussed.

Your participation in our engagement activities is highly valued as it enables Council to make more informed decisions, and helps us shape our City to be leading and liveable.

Engaging online allows you to engage in key projects and have your say at a time and place that is most convenient for you. We also promote our face to face engagement activities (such as community open days and workshops) on our online engagement hub.

Our online engagement hub enables you to "Follow" projects that interest you, and you can return at any time to check the progress of a particular project and look at other projects on the go.

Projects are displayed under three main headings:

  • Open – Projects currently open for community feedback;
  • Active – Projects in progress but not currently inviting community feedback; and
  • Closed – Completed projects available for reference.

You can search projects by interest area or suburb. For example you can search Place Making projects or projects relevant to the suburb of Henley Beach.