Our Henley Beach Library has been in its temporary ‘pop up’ location in the Henley Town Hall for the past few months while we have been undertaking urgent roof repairs to our Henley Library.

After a review of the extent of the works and the costs, the repairs required are more expensive than we originally anticipated. To ensure we are not spending unnecessary resources, we are currently investigating the best way to support the needs of our Henley and surrounding community with library and community facilities.

Grant Opportunity

Recently the opportunity has arisen to apply for a State Government grant that provides funding for community facilities that can assist in local economic recovery. The grant application proposes that our Henley Beach Library & Henley and Grange Community Centre (which is currently located at 196 Military Road) facilities be co- located at the site of our Henley Beach Library. The facility would utilise both the Town Hall and a new purpose built building to offer a venue for multiple community services and activities.

While this grant opportunity is being explored, our Henley Beach Library will continue to operate in the Henley Town Hall and our Community Centre will continue to operate at 196 Military Road.

The Value of our Henley Facilities to our Community

The Henley Beach Library and Henley and Grange Community Centre are well used and much loved. In 2018 we invited our community to share with us ways we could collectively improve the Henley Beach Library to meet the changing needs of the community, to be progressive and deliver outstanding service. The ideas have helped us increase library utilisation and participation. You can revisit the ideas developed in 2018 here.

Community Engagement

If this grant is successful we will commence a community engagement process involving detailed discussions with users of both our library and community centre who have helped us over many years. Our wider local community will also be engaged and we will draw on the ideas created at our Ideas Cafe in 2018.

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While we are waiting on the outcome of the grant you are welcome to add your thoughts to the question below.