September 2021: Council Report Update

Council recently approved that community engagement be undertaken to develop up a concept plan of a new purpose-built community facility connected to the Henley Town Hall. The two buildings will be used to operate both the Henley Beach Library and Community Centre. An architect will be engaged to work alongside our community as we develop up a concept plan. The concept plan process will look at the needs of users, as well as the many opportunities and challenges associated with existing buildings and the site in general.

The report to Council also outlines how the project could be funded - through a combination of federal government funding and sale of Council property surplus to need, the timeline of the project, details of previous community engagement and repair works currently being undertaken at the Henley Beach Library site.

The full Council report can be read here.


In early 2021 Council applied unsuccessfully for a State Government grant that provided funding for community facilities that assisted in local economic recovery. That earlier grant application proposed that the Henley Beach Library and Henley and Grange Community Centre (which is currently located at 196 Military Road) facilities be co- located at the Henley Beach Library site. The facility would utilise both the Henley Beach Town Hall building and a new purpose built building to offer a venue for multiple community services and activities. The application was unfortunately unsuccessful but as a result of the application and the need for urgent roof repairs we have been taking some time to explore what the opportunities are for the community.

The Henley Beach Library is currently operating in a temporary ‘pop up’ location in the Henley Town Hall building. It was set up in this location after it was identified that urgent roof repairs were required. The library will remain in the Town Hall while we work through options. Essential truss repairs over some areas of the Town Hall building are proceeding while the repairs over the vacated library building have been suspended pending the outcome of funding investigations for a proposed co-located community centre and library Hub.

We appreciate the value of our Henley Facilities to our Community

The Henley Beach Library and Henley and Grange Community Centre are well used and much loved. In 2018 we invited our community to share with us ways we could collectively improve the Henley Beach Library to meet the changing needs of the community, to be progressive and deliver outstanding service. The ideas have helped us increase library utilisation and participation. You can revisit the ideas developed in 2018 here.

Keeping our Community Engaged

In October community engagement will commence and we will be working together with the community to create a concept plan for the combined Community Centre and Library facility. Further details on the community engagement will be provided shortly.

There have been several occasions over the last 12 years when changes to the set-up of our current community facilities have been considered with the most recent engagement being the Henley Beach Library Ideas Cafe in 2018. Key findings from these engagements show that the community are supportive of having a community "hub" adjacent to the library and want to see the library remain in its current location. There is also strong support to further increase the utilisation of the library and for both the library and the community centre to coordinate activities between the two facilities.

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