UPDATE - New Local Park - Spad Street Reserve

We are pleased to advise that funding has been received, however, negotiations on the sale of the land are continuing and we are hopeful that this will be finalised soon as we are committed to delivering the project by mid-2023. Once complete and successful, we will commence further engagement with the local community on the design of the new local park.

This page will be updated regularly with project updates or select follow to receive any updates.

For further information, please contact the City of Charles Sturt on phone (08) 8408 1111 or e-mail council@charlessturt.sa.gov.au.

Your Neighbourhood Plan

Your Neighbourhood Plan is about boosting the quality of the Albert Park and Hendon neighbourhood by coordinating street improvements, recreation, greening, and resident health and safety.

We want to celebrate the great things about Albert Park and Hendon and look at new opportunities you would like to see now and in the future.

We want to partner with the local community, link planned Council works in your neighbourhood, and connect with State infrastructure plans and private development activity. Your Neighbourhood Plan is about making the most of opportunities.

Proposed Local Projects - Your comments welcomed

Council proposes nine local projects for Albert Park and Hendon. Click on the coloured dots below to read more. Provide your comment by 30 November 2021 by completing our survey and/or coming along to one of our community drop-in sessions.

Map of Albert Park and Hendon

Why are we looking at Albert Park and Hendon?

There are a number of reasons why we think Albert Park and Hendon can benefit from a Neighbourhood Plan.

  • High summer temperatures- Evidence shows that parts of Albert Park and Hendon have high summer temperatures that could be reduced if greening was a community priority. Refer to our Document Library for more information.
  • To increase community connections - Council would like to understand more about how you use the places in your neighbourhood. This includes places like local reserves, train stations, schools and churches. There are also opportunities for local residents to share information about 'what's on' in your neighbourhood (for example a community-led Facebook group). Connections help build a strong community.
  • Living Streets Program- We are planning to upgrade a number of local streets in Albert Park in the next four years. Known as the "Living Streets Program", this program includes Glyde, Murray, May, Grace and Jervois Streets. You may have noticed that the first street, May Street, is now being upgraded.

We want to encourage local streets to be "Living Streets" designed to prioritise people; whether it be as a walker, bike rider, driver or to create places to socialise with your family and neighbours.

  • Potential rezoning of land- We are investigating the potential rezoning of an area of Albert Park to allow for a mix of residential and commercial development and revitalise this part of the neighbourhood. This land includes several blocks of land in the vicinity of Port Road, Glyde Street, Grace Street, Murray Street, May Street and West Lakes Boulevard. Refer to our Document Library for more information.

How is Your Neighbourhood Plan made?

There are four steps to creating Your Neighbourhood Plan. We are now at Step 3 and invite your feedback!

This step included a resident survey and a technical audit.

Resident Survey

Council surveyed a sample of 400 residents of Albert Park and Hendon to find out what they love about the area and what they want improved. In summary the resident survey results were:

  • Main reasons for living in the area - location, affordability and close to family.
  • Local parks are important meeting places.
  • Residents would like to see more greening.
  • Most residents travel by private car, 25% catch public transport and only 9% walk.
  • Better footpaths, lighting and greenery would encourage walking.

Read more about the resident survey results.

Technical Audit

Council staff carried out a technical audit assessing the neighbourhood against the 'seven keys to a great suburb' which are:

  1. Community wellbeing
  2. Walking to local places
  3. Local parks
  4. Street quality
  5. Safe cycling and nearby public transport
  6. Local jobs and strong economy
  7. Quality development.

In summary the technical audit results were:

  • Albert Park and Hendon are affordable suburbs with a mix of housing.
  • The area is close to local schools, public transport and has job opportunities.
  • The area needs more local parks and greener streets.
  • There is potential to create a walkable local place with shops and cafes.
  • Visits to Council library facilities are low.

Council proposes nine (9) local project opportunities.

  1. Create a new local park at the corner of Spad Street and Farman Avenue (subject to State funding).
  2. Turn May Street into a 'Living Street' with wide verges and quality footpaths (construction underway).
  3. Develop a neighbourhood place around the future supermarket (53-59 Tapley's Hill Road).
  4. Turn Glyde, Murray, Grace and Jervois Streets into 'Living Streets'.
  5. Make streets that lead to shops, parks and schools more walkable (better footpaths, lighting and shade).
  6. Address heat island effect by piloting the greening of a local street.
  7. Investigate ways a community can share information about what's on in Albert Park and Hendon (places to meet, local groups, events).
  8. Encourage well-designed medium density housing along arterial roads (e.g. Port Road and Tapley's Hill Road) and apply design guidelines.
  9. Encourage use of libraries and the mobile library.

Council has agreed to advance these local projects and seek community feedback on each project.

We are now at this step.

We invite your feedback on the nine (9) projects (see Step 2 above) and other ideas you may have for your neighbourhood.

There are several ways you can provide feedback.

  • Complete our online survey.
  • Attend our Community Drop-in Session on Tuesday 16 November 2021, Lutheran Hall, 57 Botting Street, Albert Park. Drop in anytime between 3.30pm and 6.30pm to view plans, chat with us and hear short talks on the project at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.
  • Chat with a Council staff member at Banquet Foods Cafe, 992 Port Road, Albert Park at these times:
    • Thursday 18 November between 2pm and 4pm
    • Tuesday 23 November between 2pm and 4pm
    • Thursday 25 November between 10am and 12 noon
  • Request a hardcopy survey form by:
    • Phoning Council on 8408 1111
    • Coming into the Civic Centre, 72 Woodville Road, Woodville.
    • Emailing Georgina House at ghouse@charlessturt.sa.gov.au

Consultation closes at 5pm on Tuesday 30 November 2021.

We will review community feedback received during Step 3 and finalise the neighbourhood plan. Then we will work to action the plan with the support of the local community, developers and State government.