Stage 1 Consultation Outcomes

Reimagine the future of your street

Are you interested in making your local street greener, more walkable and safer for everyone? We want to work with our Albert Park local community, to reimagine your local streets. Streets and public places are most successful when local people have the opportunity to be part of the planning and design process and we encourage you to be a part of this process.

Why are we doing Living Streets?

The following streets in Albert Park are listed for road reconstruction within the next 4 years and this is your opportunity to think about how you would like to see your local streets into the future:

  • May Street (Port Road to West Lakes Boulevard) - Top priority for reconstruction in early-mid 2021 as the road pavement condition has failed. - Currently under construction
  • Murray Street (Port Road to West Lakes Boulevard); including a potential bike link through the Murray Street road closure at Grace Street.
  • Glyde Street (Port Road to West Lakes Boulevard)
  • Grace Street (May Street to Murray Street)
  • Jervois Street (May Street to West Lakes Boulevard)

Living Streets is about reimagining the design of your street and neighbourhood to prioritise people; whether it be as a walker, bike rider, driver or to socialise with family and neighbours. Local streets were once places for neighbours to gather and talk, they allowed kids to play without the feeling of being unsafe. These days, some streets can be car dominated, congested, and have little space for landscaping and activities where neighbours connect with one another.

By reimagining your street, it allows you to take back what once was yours and create places for people, which promotes overall wellbeing.

These streets form part of a wider project called ‘Your Neighbourhood Plan’ which you will hear more about over the coming months. Keep an eye on your letterbox for information on how you can be involved in shaping the future of your neighbourhood.

Potential Design Ideas

Design ideas could include:

  • Places to sit and rest that are age friendly
  • Things to see, do and experience on the journey
  • Raingardens (stormwater filtering system)
  • Spaces for kids to play and neighbours to gather
  • Safer and easier crossing points to connect to places
  • Wider greener verges
  • Local landscaping and tree planting to help cool streets
  • Methods to slow the speed of vehicles
  • Considerations to future use of land in the area

Tell us your ideas

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Tell us how you want to see your local street in the future!

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