About the Project

The section of Chief Street between Port Road and Hawker Street is due for a full road reconstruction in 2022/23, which includes new footpaths, kerbs, road surfaces and planting.

This gives us an exciting opportunity to reconsider the current design of Chief Street - how it looks, feels and functions!

Chief Street provides local access for industrial and residential properties adjoining the street, and is a link between Torrens Road and Port Road for both local residents and visitors.

The section of Chief Street between Port Road and Hawker Street currently has the look and feel of an industrial road, with a wide road, narrow footpaths and established street trees.

'Let's Reimagine Chief Street' aims to develop a concept plan for Chief Street, including Ethelbert Square, that includes a high quality, greener public realm that supports walking and cycling, is interesting/unique and improves road safety, in particular improved links to:

  • The Outer Harbor Greenway shared-use walking and cycling corridor;
  • Hawker Street Bike direct route and retail precinct
  • Port Road retail and entertainment precinct and public transport corridors;
  • Ethelbert Square (existing public reserve)
  • Brompton Gasworks site (future public reserve within the Renewal SA Bowden Development) via extension of Fourth Street; and Second Street Brompton

We want to make the right decisions when reimagining Chief Street

For us to make the right decisions, we need to understand what the people who live on, work on or travel along Chief Street think is important.

We want to know from you what already works well on Chief Street. We want to know what you think doesn't work so well at the moment. We also want to know how you imagine Chief Street should look and feel in the future.

We want to hear from you during this community engagement process, which will inform the first stage of our planning.

Complete our survey online and share your Vision through the online tool below.

We will return to you later in the year with the ideas we've developed based on what we've heard from you, for further comment.