Consultation for the draft Community Land Management Plan (CLMP) Coastal Reserve, West Beach was completed in March 2018 and Council further considered this matter at its meeting held 23 July 2018 (CL Item 6.74). A full copy of the report is available on Councils website for your reference:

Allsubmissions were presented to Council for consideration, in addition to an amended draft Community Land Management Plan which included changes resultingfrom the various submissions received.

As there were a number of changes made, it was deemed necessary to undertake a second round of consultation. You are invited to make a written submission regarding the content of the revised draft Community Land Management Plan.

The revised draft CLMP is available for review in the Document Library.

To provide your feedback you can complete the online feedback or written submissions to be sent to the Chief Executive Officer by 5pm Wednesday, 22 August 2018, addressed as detailed below:

Chief Executive Officer

PO Box 1


Submissions closed 5.00pm Wednesday 22 August, 2018.