Final Notification - Welland Avenue Road Humps Scheme

We wrote to affected residents earlier in 2020 advising of a proposed change to the Welland Avenue Road Humps Scheme to replace the proposed Brand Avenue raised intersection with two road humps: one between Port Road and Brand Avenue and the other outside 5 and 8 Welland Avenue.

As an outcome of stakeholder consultation on this change we have resolved to omit the road hump proposed for 5 and 8 Welland Avenue from the Welland Avenue Road Humps Scheme.

This will result in approximately 40 metres between Port Road and the first road hump south of Port Road, 150 metres to the next road hump outside 15-18 Welland Avenue, then a typical road hump spacing of 90-110 metres for the remainder of the road humps to Grange Road.

Whilst the revised scheme results in a slightly greater interval between the first road hump south of Port Road and the road hump outside 15-18 Welland Avenue, we regard it to be an acceptable road humps scheme for Welland Avenue. Of course, we will continue to monitor traffic speeds and volumes in Welland Avenue after installation to evaluate whether the Welland Avenue Road Humps Scheme has the desired impact on traffic speeds and volumes.

An overview of the Welland Avenue Road Humps Scheme is provided below.

Construction timing

A construction date is not yet confirmed as we are finalising the detailed engineering design. We anticipate an approximate start in early October 2020 with a full completion date of April 2021 subject to weather.

Change to Project - Replacement of Raised Intersection to Road Humps

In June 2019 we wrote to affected residents advising of the Council decision to install Road Humps in Welland Avenue (Brand Avenue to Grange Road) and a Raised Intersection (at Brand Avenue) as part of the scheduled reconstruction of the road of Welland Avenue in 2020/21.

Following the decision, our designers have proceeded with the engineering design of these traffic control devices. However, they have encountered design issues with the Brand Avenue Raised Intersection.

Stormwater modelling has shown that, due to the large surface area of the proposed Raised Intersection, there is a chance that properties adjacent the intersection may become inundated with stormwater during extreme rain events. In response to this risk, our Transport Engineers have decided to replace the proposed Raised Intersection at Brand Avenue with two Road Humps, consistent with the remainder of the street south of Brand Avenue.

The original Brand Avenue Raised Intersection proposal and New Road Humps proposal are shown in the concept plans below.

Council Decision - May 2019

We recently undertook consultation with the local community on a proposal to install Road Humps in Frederick Street and Welland Avenue in Welland, north of Grange Road.

Following the consultation process, the matter was discussed at the meeting of the Asset Management Committee on 20 May 2019 and endorsed at the meeting of Council on 27 May 2019, presenting the consultation outcome and project recommendations.

The Council made the following resolutions:

1.That Council notes the outcomes of community engagement summarised in this report.

2.That Council endorses the Final Concept Plan for Road Humps in Frederick Street and Welland Avenue (as shown in Appendix C).

3.That Council notes that a budget bid to install road humps in Frederick Street has been included in the 2019/20 Draft Annual Business Plan & Budget (Bid ID: PBB-00000850).

4.That road humps be installed in Welland Avenue in 2020/21, in coordination with the scheduled road reconstruction of Welland Avenue (between Port Road and Grange Road).

5.That road narrowing in Welland Avenue be considered in the scheduled road reconstruction of Welland Avenue (Port Road to Grange Road), through further consultation with local owners and occupiers.

6.That owners and occupiers within the consultation area be advised of the decision of Council.

Construction of Road Humps in Frederick Street will be incorporated with asphalt patching and minor kerb replacement work in 2019/20.Residents in Frederick Street will receive further notification of construction timelines in the coming months.

Further consultation will be undertaken with Welland Avenue residents in 2019/20 on potential road narrowing and other design features that may be incorporated into the Welland Avenue road reconstruction, planned for 2020/21.

Project Overview

The 2013 Welland Transport and Parking Plan recommended the installation of traffic calming devices in Welland Avenue and Frederick Street in Welland, north of Grange Road, to address the issue of relatively high vehicle speeds in these streets.

Prior to Christmas last year we sought feedback on traffic calming options in Frederick Street and Welland Avenue from owners and occupiers in these streets (and part way into the adjoining side streets).

Community Engagement was undertaken between 19 November to 10 December 2018 where we provided the opportunity for local residents to provide feedback on four (4) traffic calming options being Single Lane Slow Points; Road Humps; Raised intersections and Driveway Links. We received 71 responses to our survey.

It was identified through consultation that ‘Road Humps’ were the most preferred traffic calming option for the local community.

Following the initial consultation process, we developed a preferred location plan for road humps and door knocked several affected residents in March 2019 in both streets to determine their acceptance for a hump being placed in front of or near their property. Based on the Department of Transport’s guidelines that determine the optimal locations for road humps from a traffic calming perspective and based also on feedback obtained regarding residents’ acceptance (or otherwise) for locating a hump outside or near their property, we have now developed road humps scheme for Frederick Street and Welland Avenue.

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to accommodate residents’ preferences for road hump location in some instances it has not been possible to meet those preferences and maintain a road hump spacing that meets the provisions of the guidelines.

A full consultation report for traffic improvements in Frederick Street and Welland is now available.

A report presenting the technical assessment and outcome of community engagement for Traffic Safety Improvements in Frederick Street and Welland Avenue and including the attached proposed road humps scheme will be presented at the meeting of our Asset Management Committee on Monday 20 May 2019 (commencing at 6pm) at the Civic Centre, 72 Woodville Road, Woodville

Should the scheme be endorsed by the Council, it is proposed to construct road humps in Frederick Street in 2019/20 and in Welland Avenue in 2020/21 (in coordination with whole-of-road reconstruction scheduled for that year).