Council sought your feedback in March 2021 to seek resident feedback for three (3) options to provide additional shade in Henley Square and would like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation.

A total of 588 letters were hand delivered directly to residents for feedback and was also available on our website YourSay page for on-line feedback.We received 160 responses in total indicating the following preferences:

Option 1 - 77 personal / removable shade
Option 2 - 40 semi-permanent
Option 3 - 30 permanent
13 responses did not indicate a preference

A report was presented to Council on Tuesday 21 April 2021 Item 6.36 on the consultation outcomes and can be viewed via the following link:

Council endorsed the following motion on Tuesday 27 April 2021:


1. That the report be received and noted.

2. That the results of community engagement for additional shade at Henley Square as outlined in
Appendix A, be noted.

3. That Option 1 be endorsed as the preferred option for additional shade at Henley Square.

4. That Council considers funding of $150,000 for further design development and construction of for additional shade at Henley Square, in its 2021/22 budget preparations.

5. That the community be notified of the results of the community engagement and Council's decision regarding for additional shade at Henley Square, and that the construction is subject to funding being approved in the 2021/22 budget process.

6. That a further report is brought back to Council to consider possible locations within Henley Square for additional trees. The report is also to provide detail on the possible species of trees, along with costs implications for their planting and on‐going maintenance.

Option 1 ‐ Additional shade through low cost/low impact personal or family shade.

This option includes umbrellas located in new sleeves within the turf areas and over the existing ripple lounge. The existing ripple lounge includes mounting points and umbrellas which can be easily and safely accommodated in this area. The impact on the general amenity is low as the umbrellas are a temporary installation and used only when required. The turf health would remain constant with this solution, due to the temporary nature of the umbrellas and the ability for rain and sun to access all areas of the turf. The size of the commercial umbrellas are proposed to be 4 metres in diameter which would provide adequate personal or family shade.

Following the 2021/22 budget process, funding has now been approved for Option 1. The umbrellas will be erected daily in the morning before 9:00am and removed after 3:00pm from 1 December until Easter, this will be subject to the daily weather conditions. There will be 38 turf mounting points installed which will allow for a maximum of 18 umbrellas to be rotated daily.

We are currently undertaking further investigations for additional tree locations within Henley Square, with a report expect to be tabled to Council in October 2021.

Feedback Review & Consultation Outcomes Report

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the consultation and provided us with feedback during our on-site community session.

A report on the consultation outcomes and next steps will now be presented to Council on Tuesday 27 April 2021 and the report will be available for viewing after 4:00pm on Thursday 22 April 2021.

Should you wish to make a deputation you will need to have submitted the Deputation Request Form to Council by 10.00am on Tuesday 27 April, 2021.

Project Background

An Elected Member budget bid was endorsed in 2020/2021, to investigate options to provide additional shade over the turf area at Henley Square. Council appointed Troppo Architects to develop options and concepts to further explore with our community.

A report was presented to the Asset Management Committee on Monday 15 March 2021, detailing the shade options.

A range of options have been contemplated including low cost/low impact personal shade, temporary retractable shade and permanent structures.

In thinking about the options consideration was given to the existing amenity and the impact on coastal views for the Henley Square traders and the general public. Other considerations include the extent of shade protection provided, operational complexity, safety, coastal weather extremes, security, initial capital costs and ongoing operational costs.

  • Delivery of a balance of turf and paved surfaces each of a scale appropriate for diverse and seasonal public activity
  • Ensure ongoing turf health
  • Hard paving being focal to areas flanked by buildings, for ease of tenant activity
  • Consideration of how existing shelters in the Square are designed to enable views beneath, through and above to the Gulf
  • Maintain visibility of the heritage buildings defining the Square

Shade Options and Consultation

Three options have been developed, and we are seeking your feedback. The options are outlined below, the complete options paper can be found in the document library.

  • Option 1- Umbrellas, additional shade through low cost/low impact personal or family shade.
  • Option 2 - Semi-permanent retractable shade erected on the turf area.
  • Option 3 - Permanent fixed shade.

We invite you to come along and speak with the architects and council staff at an information day to be held on Saturday 10 April 2021 commencing 11am until 1pm in Henley Square

Consultation will commence Friday 26 March 2021 and close at 5:00pm Friday 16 April 2021, feedback can be provided by completing the feedback form.

Following consultation, a report will be presented to Council on Tuesday 27 April 2021 detailing the consultation outcomes.


  • Timeline item 1 - active


    Consultation commences Friday 26 March 2021 and closes 5:00pm Friday 16 April 2021.

  • Timeline item 2 - active

    Report Preparation

    Staff are preparing a report on the consultation outcomes.

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Report to Council

    A report will be presented to Council on Tuesday 27 April 2021 on the consultation outcomes and determination of budget requirements.

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Final Outcomes

    Following report to Council and final endorsement a report will be presented to the Corporate Services Committee for budget requirements.