Option 2 - Semi-permanent retractable shade erected over the turf area

The design of the retractable shading option is considerate to the existing shade forms of the square. This option will have minimal structural supports to support the retractable roof.

Placed over the turf area (in one or multiple locations) this option can provide adequate shading up to 260m2 for multiple families or groups on the turf. The physical support structures, including guy ropes, is permanent. These would be constructed outside the turf area to allow for ease of turf maintenance.

The turf health would remain constant as the shading is only is use when required allowing sun to penetrate. The retractable shading is automated therefore reducing infrastructure damage allowing for wind and unfavourable weather conditions. The structure will slightly impede views however the design would be considerate of the location of these elements to minimise the loss of views.

Once established and installed this option will require regular maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation. Although the retractable system is automated, a specialist contractor will need to be engaged on an ongoing basis to carry out preventative maintenance to limit downtime on the retractable system. Development approval is required for the retractable shade structure.


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