Option 1 - Additional shade through low cost/low impact personal or family shade

This option includes umbrellas located in new sleeves within the turf areas and over the existing ripple lounge. The existing ripple lounge includes mounting points and umbrellas which can be easily and safely accommodated in this area.

The impact on the general amenity is low as the umbrellas are a temporary installation and used only when required. The turf health would remain constant with this solution due to the temporary nature of the umbrellas and the ability for rain and sun to access all areas of the turf.

Umbrellas will slightly impede views however the strategic placement of the mounting points and sleeves to accommodate the umbrellas in the turf areas could reduce any perceived impact. The size of the commercial umbrellas are 3.5 metres in diameter which would provide adequate personal or family shade.

Additional ongoing resources will be required for this option as field staff and / or contractors will be required to set up and remove the umbrellas daily (or as required). It is expected that the additional shade will only be required during the summer and warmer months of the year therefore the additional resources will be limited to these months. Development approval is not required.


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Come along and have a chat with staff and architects about the shade options and tell us what you think.