How do you want to be represented?


In June 2020 Council began a review of the composition and structure of the Council and the division of the Council into wards, (pursuant to section 12 of the Local Government Act 1999). Two stages of community consultation were defined being:

  • Stage One - inviting community submissions on elector representation options (October 2020); and
  • Stage Two - inviting community submissions on Council's preferred representative structure (March/April 2021).

On Monday 10 May 2021, following the conclusion of Stage Two community engagement, the Final Representation Review Report was prepared and endorsed by Council.

Further information on the review process is provided below.

Further Information on the Review Process

Stage One Community Consultation (October 2020)

In October 2020, Stage One of community consultation commenced with a Representation Options Paper available for community comment. The options for consideration as to the Council’s composition and structure included:

  • Option 1 Existing Structure eight (8) Wards with two (2) Councillors in each Ward with a Mayor;
  • Option 2 No Wards – 16 Councillors with a Mayor;
  • Option 3 No Wards – 12 Councillors with a Mayor;
  • Option 4 Six (6) Wards with two (2) Councillors in each Ward with a Mayor; and
  • Option 5 Four (4) Wards with three (3) Councillors in each Ward with a Mayor.

The community submissions that were received demonstrated a clear and strong preference to retain the existing composition and structure of the Council (Option 1), with this preference being underpinned by an expressed community desire to ensure that the Council retains local representation by members who know their local area.

Draft Representation Review Report

Following Stage One consultation, a Draft Representation Review Report (Report) discussing structure, composition and boundaries was prepared for further community consideration (Stage 2 consultation). The Report took into consideration the proposed options presented as part of the Representation Options Paper at Stage One, the submissions received by our community, as well as all other relevant factors.

We believe our Draft Representation Review Report (refer Part 1 and Part 2) reflected the desire of our community to retain the existing composition and structure, being:

  • A Mayor, elected from the Council area as a whole;
  • Eight (8) Wards; and
  • 16 Ward Councillors (two (2) elected from each Ward).

The Report also considered, as part of this review, population projections and anticipated demographic trends in the Council area to ensure that Ward quota tolerances remain under the statutory 10%.

The figures received and analysed support all Wards remaining in quota until the next election in 2022, with the exception of the Semaphore Park Ward.

To support retaining Councils existing structure and composition, it is proposed to realign a portion of the Semaphore Park and Grange Ward boundaries, as part of Option 1. The proposed changes to the Ward boundaries would be as follows:

  • That portion of the Grange Ward, bordered by Brebner Drive, Turner Drive and the West Lakes Canal, is to be incorporated into the Semaphore Park Ward.
Stage Two Community Consultation (11 March to 1 April 2021)

Community comment was invited on our Draft Representation Review Report. Two submissions were received during Stage Two, both in favour of the existing composition and structure.

Final Representation Review Report (May 2021)

After the close of submissions the Final Representation Review Report was prepared and endorsed by Council on Monday 10 May 2021. The Report has now been submitted to the Electoral Commission of SA (ECSA), seeking a certificate of compliance. Once a certificate is obtained from ECSA, Council will place a notice in the Gazette providing for the operation of the proposal in the Final Review Report.

Any changes as a result of the Review take effect from polling date for the next periodic Council election to be held in November 2022, though other dates may apply in certain circumstances in accordance with section 12(18) of the Act.

Further information regarding the Representation Review may be obtained by contacting Kerrie Jackson – Manager Governance & Operational Support on 8408 1115 or