West Lakes Facility

This state of the art facility is currently under construction as part of Commercial & General's WEST development and will offer fantastic opportunities for us to form deeper connections with our local community. Plans include lounge and meeting spaces, open kitchen area, café, digital suite, and community and library services.

Our new facility will create a fresh, vibrant and modern environment for us to engage and serve our residents.

Join our Community Conversations

IMAGINE ..... the doors of our new West Lakes Community Centre and Library open, you walk in...

...using your five senses what do you see going on? What activities and programs are happening?

What do you see?
What do you hear?
What do you smell?
What do you taste?
What do you touch?

We are asking these questions because we want our new facility to be a fresh, vibrant and engaging place for everyone. We are currently planning programs and activities that will activate our new facility. Tell us your ideas.

  • Perhaps you see people learning about active ageing and wellbeing?
  • Perhaps you hear a band practicing, the chatter of children at storytime, or soft meditation music?
  • Perhaps you smell a cake baking during a cooking class, or the aroma of roasted coffee beans from the cafe?
  • Perhaps you taste honey produced by our local bee hive?
  • Perhaps you touch the soft cushions as you read a book, or use equipment to create?

Tell us what you hope to experience.

Tell us what you hope to experience at our new West Lakes facility:
  1. Come and chat with us (see the list of dates and places elsewhere on this page); or
  2. Provide your feedback at West Lakes Library; or
  3. Provide your ideas online using the form below. (Note - your username will show next to your contribution so if you wish to change your username simply click on the green button "My Profile" and edit your username).