Consultation has concluded

At a Council meeting on Monday 27 November Council confirmed the following that:

St Clair Oval 4 and 3 are now off-leash reserves.

As such dogs can now be off-leash on these two reserves outside of scheduled sporting activities however dogs are still required to be under the following effective control conditions when off lead:

1. Dogs will remain within sight of the person in control of them at all times, in close proximity to the person, and under voice control at all times

2. Persons responsible should ensure their dogs are not causing a nuisance to others using the ovals.

3. During formal, organised sporting activities all dogs are to be on a lead not exceeding 2m in length in all reserve areas.

4. All dogs are required to be on a lead within 5m of a children’s playground.

St Clair Oval 2 is now an on-leash reserve at all times. Leads can be a maximum of 2m in length. There are no exceptions to this.

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We are now reviewing the responses provided regarding the current leash laws for St Clair ovals and reserves.

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