Albert Park Mixed Use Code Amendment (part-Privately Funded)

Proposal to rezone land at Albert Park

The City of Charles Sturt has initiated a proposal to investigate rezoning land at Albert Park following agreement from the Minister for Planning. The rezoning process is called a “Code Amendment” as it is a proposal to amend the South Australian Planning and Design Code.

The community will have the opportunity to comment on the proposal in several months-time once early investigations are complete and a draft Code Amendment has been prepared for statutory consultation.

The Code Amendment process will investigate the potential rezoning of approximately 11 hectares of land adjacent Port Road, Albert Park.

The land is largely zoned Strategic Employment Zone and Employment Zone and comprises primarily of large scale industrial and commercial buildings, a church, and low-density residential properties.

The proposed Code Amendment will consider the potential application of zones including the business zones (Urban Corridor, Business Neighbourhood and Suburban Business), the Housing Diversity Neighbourhood Zone and the Urban Neighbourhood Zone.

The Area Affected Map shows the area of land included in the Code Amendment shaded yellow.

The Code Amendment process

The Code Amendment process includes a number of steps which must be undertaken before any changes to zoning or policy can be implemented. Broadly the process involves:

  • Initiation
  • Initiated: Preparation (pre-engagement)
  • On Consultation
  • Consultation Completed
  • Finalised (Approved or Refused)
  • Parliamentary Review.

The Albert Park Mixed Use Code Amendment (part-Privately Funded) is currently at the Initiated Step.

An overview of the Code Amendment process can also be viewed on the Plan SA website.

More information

Information about the Initiation of Albert Park Code Amendment can also be viewed through this Plan SA website link. You can click on the "Code Amendment Map Viewer" to view a map; or scroll down to the list of all Code Amendments and click on "Albert Park Mixed Use Code Amendment" to read an overview and view initiation documents.

The Initiated step involves undertaking investigations (eg. traffic assessment, stormwater management, environmental assessment, utility infrastructure capacity, built form and desired land uses). The findings of these investigations will be used to inform the drafting of the Code Amendment policy.

The investigations are expected to be undertaken over the next few months. Once prepared, a draft Code Amendment will become available for community comment, this is estimated to be in the first half of 2022.

The Code Amendment Timeline in the right-hand column provides a summary of the process and the status of the Albert Park Mixed Use Code Amendment (part-Privately Funded).

Council's City Services Committee received a report on the Albert Park Code Amendment at their meeting held on Monday 15 November 2021, the Agenda containing the report and the Minutes of the meeting can be viewed here.

More updates and information will follow in coming months

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