Sportsman’s Drive is classified as a ‘distributor road’ in our road hierarchy, with no direct facing properties. As such, it plays an important role for all road users including pedestrians, bike riders, those using public transport and drivers. When roads are due for an upgrade, it is the ideal time to think about how the road will be used into the future and make improvements to safety and access.

We recently consulted with the community on the Road Reconstruction of Sportsmans Drive, which included the introduction of full-time bike lanes, indented parking bays and pedestrian crossing islands.

During the consultation we received 18 submissions from the 844 packages that were mailed out. The following common concerns were identified through the feedback:

  • traffic will be further congested
  • removal of on-street parking
  • Westfield Staff are parking all day
  • Placement of bins and collection on Sportsmans Drive
  • Requests were also submitted to remove on-street parking in particular locations, however the bicycle lanes will achieve this.

    The final scope of works will now include:

  • Road rehabilitation of the road base and surface and kerb and gutter replacement on both sides between Brebner Drive and St Andrews Way (south)
  • Installation of 3 new pedestrian crossing points to allow for safe access to other local paths and nearby services
  • Installation of new indented parallel parking bays along sections of Sportsmans Drive to provide car parking that doesn’t obstruct traffic flow.
  • Installation of bicycle lanes to improve transport options and provide equitable use of road space, as well as reducing traffic congestion by removing parked vehicles from the roadway during peak traffic periods. The bicycle lanes will operate from 8am - 6pm (on-street parking on Sportsmans Drive will be available outside of these times)
  • An additional four (4) indented parking spaces (3 near Wendouree Court and 1 near The Mews)
  • Road widening near the pedestrian refuges to provide adequate space for drivers and riders
  • Bin collection day parking restriction on the indented parking bay closest to Brebner
  • Drive. Please place your bins on the verge or within this indented bay, not on the footpath or within the other indented bays

    Given the comments provided and balancing the community needs, we have taken into consideration the concerns raised and resolved that:

    1. The installation of the timed bicycle lanes will initially be for a ‘trial’ 12-month period. Following the trial, we will survey the community for their feedback.

    2. We can cover the bicycle lane signs for large sporting events if required (to enable parking on Sportsmans Drive for certain events).

    3. We will consult separately with directly affected residents about the use of parking spaces by Westfield staff

    Construction is to commence in October 2019 with an estimated full completion date of May 2020.

    During the works there will be localised traffic management, where vehicles will be made to drive at slower speeds. These are necessary to ensure a safe working environment for our contractors.

    View an updated concept plan below

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