Authorisation Issued

The Community Land Management Plan (CLMP) for Pt Malcolm Reserve is currently under consultation, and intends to support this type of activity. Therefore authorisation has been granted for State of Movement (formerly Step into Life) to use community land for a buisness purpose for a 12 month period.

Licence for Commercial Activity on Pt Malcom Reserve

Council has receive an licence application to permit commercial activity on Pt Malcolm Reserve from Step into Life West Lakes, click here to view the application or in the document library. The area to be utilised will be flexible depending on other activities being undertaken on the Reserve at the same time, to ensure negligible impact to other users.

They are a fitness company specialising in group outdoor fitness activities aiming to improve the health and fitness of individuals and families within the community. Step into Life have applied for a retrospective and ongoing licence to conduct their activities at Pt Malcolm Reserve located at 343 Military Road, Semaphore Park (see Site Plan below) Monday to Saturday (inclusive) generally between the hours of 9.15am and 10.15am Mon – Fri and Saturday between 7.30am and 9.45am.

Pt Malcolm Reserve is classified as community land and as such is subject to a Community Land Management Plan that determines the types of activities and Council’s ability to issue a licence for certain purposes, click here to view the Pt Malcolm Reserve site plan or in the document library. In this instance the Community Land Management Plan does not identify the issuing of a licence for the above business activities.

Council is required to undertake community consultation (Sec 202(2) of the LG Act) prior to considering approval to Step into Life West Lakes permitting their use of a portion of Pt Malcolm Reserve for business purposes.