The Project

We are developing options to complete the Grange Greenway cycling and walking route between Meakin Terrace and the Grange Railway Station.

The Grange Greenway is a walking and cycling route that generally follows the Grange Railway Line. It currently runs from Woodville Road at Woodville Railway Station (connecting to the Outer Harbor Greenway) through to Frederick Road at Seaton. Most of the route is off-road shared use paths with some short sections on roads/ footpaths.

We have prepared draft options to complete the Grange Greenway route from its current ending on Meakin Terrace at Frederick Road, Seaton through to the Grange Railway Station. These options consider safe crossing of Frederick Road, and routes that could use local streets (e.g. Willochra Avenue, Jetty Street and Terminus Street).

We are also seeking your feedback on an additional connection from Meakin Terrace to the Grange Lakes Corridor via Westmoreland Road. Opportunities to make local streets safer for bike riders include new paths, crossing points and traffic calming.

How can I provide feedback?

The first stage of consultation has concluded. We will provide further information as we work through the proposed concept plans which are yet to be developed.

Options for Community Consideration

Overall Route Map

This section presents all of the proposed route options together.

Overall Route Map

Route 1

Route 1 - Willochra Avenue
Route 1 - Jetty /Seabreeze/Sunset
Terminus Street

Route 2

Grange Greenway Route 2 Map 1
Grange Greenway Route 2 Map 2

Route 3

Grange Greenway Route 3 Map 1
Grange Greenway Route 3 Map 2

Recreational Route

Recreational Route

Online Survey

Complete the online survey and tell us which routes you would like to see in Grange.