Roads are important for our communities. They support easy movement of people whether by bicycle or motorised vehicles and the transport of goods using commercial vehicles. Roads and car parks provide access to schools, shopping centres, work, home and recreational areas. They ultimately connect people to places.

The City of Charles Sturt has approximately 1400 kilometres of roads with a total asset value of $647.3 million.

Council regularly audits the condition of its roads. Overall, the road asset network is currently in a satisfactory condition. We will continue to provide this service level to the community.

What does Council spend on Road Assets?

On average the City of Charles Sturt spends $11.5 million per annum on its road assets with funding allocated for the next 15 years through the long term financial plan.

What is the Draft Roads Asset Management Plan?

The Draft Roads Asset Management Plan is a technical document that sets out the requirements for Council to best manage our road assets to a standard of service as well as to ensure it meets the current and future needs of the community.

The road infrastructure assets covered by this AMP are:

  • Road Pavements
  • Road Seal
  • Kerb and Gutter
  • Road Safety Devices
  • Car parks

What the community told us through the 2018 Community Survey

Our 2018 City of Charles Sturt Community survey shows that 66% of our residents are satisfied with our current service level. We work hard to maintain this high level of service satisfaction.

For more information:

Consultation has concluded and the Plan endorsed by Council.

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