We value the health and wellbeing of our community and seek to deliver services with genuine care, enabling our community to remain healthy, safe and active. People living with disability should be able to access and participate in all aspects of our society, including using mainstream services and programs.

At the Council Meeting held on Monday 27 September 2021, Council endorsed its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2021 - 2025. Endorsement follows significant work over the past twelve months developing and seeking community feedback on the Plan.

Over the next four years our Plan will guide improvements in access and inclusion across our City.

Four Important Themes

Our DAIP has been developed with the aim of improving wellbeing for all but particularly focussing on those living with disability. Consistent with the State Disability Inclusion Plan 2019-2023, our Plan has four themes:

Theme 1: Inclusive communities for all - ensuring opportunity for full inclusion in social, economic, sporting and cultural life.

Theme 2: Leadership and collaboration - promoting ways we can engage, participate and lead in a meaningful way.

Theme 3: Accessible communities - creating places and services that are easy to navigate and socially inclusive.

Theme 4: Learning and employment - ensuring we have the skills we need to meaningfully support people to maximise their potential.

Exciting New Directions

Over the next 24 months we look forward to working on a number of exciting projects and new directions, including:

  • Woodville Road Redevelopment – engaging with people with disability on site to look at accessible solutions for the footpath and road upgrade.
  • Ngutunga West Lakes project – new Changing Places Toilet and disabled toilet at the home of our new library and community centre facility at West Lakes.
  • Breakout Creek - an accessible and inclusive approach to the development of Breakout Creek along the River Torrens / Karrawirra Pari as it is steadily transformed from an artificial channel into a more natural flowing and healthy creek.
  • West Lakes Lake Edge project – progressive upgrade of the lake edge path network to an inclusive width of 2.5m where possible and new DDA ‘link paths’ from wider path network.
  • Mirani Court, West Lakes Shore viewing platform - consult and design a new DDA viewing platform to provide coastal views for those who have difficulty accessing the beach.
  • Policy review - ongoing review of policies, procedures, documents, forms and websites.
  • Waterways Focus ‐ scope workable future locations for accessible beaches and other waterways within our City such as the West Lakes precinct.
  • Civic Centre - improve accessibility.
  • City wide marketing campaign - to break down barriers and create greater awareness and understanding about living with disability to the broader local community and local businesses.
  • Communications - obtain non‐verbal accreditation for library, customer contact and CDO teams.
  • Career opportunities - support career pathways for people with disability.
  • Training and development - disability access and inclusion training videos for corporate inductions, disability access and inclusion work procedures and check lists.

Read our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan