Final Outcomes

A report was presented to the Asset Management Commitee on Monday 19 October 2020 and the following motion endorsed by Council on Monday 26 October, 2020.


1. That Council note the community feedback received from the public consultation process.

2. That Council resolve to adopt the amended Community Land Management Plans for Point
Malcolm Reserve and Semaphore Surf Life Saving Club (Appendix A) pursuant to Sec 198 (1) of the Local Government Act 1999.

Consultation Period now closed.

The consultation period has now closed. Staff will now review all feedback received and prepare a report for presentation to the Asset Management Committee on Monday 19 October 2020.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback for the consultation

Project Background

In 2019 Council committed to reviewing the Community Land Management Plans (CLMPs) of all Council owned and managed community land parcels following the Coast Park ruling. The Coast Park CLMP, ruled to be invalid by Justice Blue, included the lands located within the Reserve known as Point Malcolm.

To date Council has endorsed 27 new and/or amended CLMPs, with the remaining amended plans (including Point Malcolm and Coast Park) to be presented to Council by the end of 2020. However, it has been identified the CLMP for Point Malcolm Reserve and the Semaphore Surf Lifesaving Club necessitates an earlier review due to community demand to use the Reserve. However, as the CLMP has been deemed invalid it is not possible for staff to issue authorisations, licences or permits for activities on the Reserve at this time.

Staff have received numerous requests over the past few months from fitness groups wishing to conduct outdoor training activities at Point Malcolm Reserve during the Covid 19 restrictions on indoor fitness centres. Further, the Semaphore Surf Lifesaving Club licence to occupy clubrooms and storerooms is expiring in August 2020 and a supportive CLMP will be required prior to Council being able to enter into a further licence agreement with the club.

Aerial view of Point Malcolm and Semaphore Surf Life Saving Club

Maps of area under review for CLMP


Council seeks to continue providing residents and visitors to Point Malcolm Reserve and the Semaphore Surf Lifesaving Club with a vibrant, scenic, beachside recreational open space area and facilities that support and provide a diversity of sporting, recreational, cultural and surf lifesaving experiences that can be enjoyed by the community and visitors to the area. A report to the Asset Mangement Committee on Monday 17 August 2020 outlining the draft Community Land Management Plans (CLMP).

An amended CLMP has been drafted for both Point Malcolm Reserve and the Semaphore Surf Lifesaving Club and is provided to the community for their feedback. The amended plans incorporate those activities for which the lands have historically been used for, such as surf lifesaving, car displays etc and recommendations for new uses of the lands such as Outdoor Group Fitness training, food and cultural festivals, artistic displays etc. The amended plans also provide the ability for Council to issue licences to groups/businesses for those purposes.

We want to hear your views and feedback to ensure the management plans reflect a shared vision and aspiration for the Reserve and the Surf Lifesaving Club. Whether you agree that the amended CLMP would further enhance the vibrancy and community connectedness already enjoyed by local residents and visitors to Point Malcolm.

Collated community feedback from this consultation will be used to undertake a final review of the CLMP. The community consultation feedback results, along with the final draft CLMP will be provided to Council for endorsement of CLMPs for Point Malcolm Reserve and the Semaphore Surf Life Saving Club.

You can provide your feedback here or in writing to:

Senior Property Officer
PO Box 1

The consultation will commence on Wednesday 9 September 2020 and conclude on Wednesday 30 September 2020.