Grange Road, Findon Development Plan Amendment (DPA) (Privately Funded)


In 2018 the City of Charles Sturt proposed changes to the Development Plan through the privately funded Grange Road, Findon Development Plan Amendment (DPA). The focus of the DPA was the existing Mixed Use Zone in Findon (see Affected Area Map). The DPA proposed to include this area within the Neighbourhood Centre Zone to facilitate a potential supermarket and bulky goods retail development.

The DPA investigations undertaken on behalf of Council confirmed that the land is suited to a higher order of retail activities. The DPA considered a range of matters including a retail analysis, preferred building heights, transport, stormwater management, environmental management and other infrastructure considerations.

What are the key elements of the DPA?

  • Rezone the Affected Area from the existing Mixed Use Zone to the Neighbourhood Centre Zone.
  • Creation of a new Precinct 84 Findon Centre East for the Affected Area within Policy Area 10 and include policies covering:
    • the intended use for supermarket, bulky good and residential uses
    • active facades and avoidance of blank walls to the Grange Road and Findon Road frontages
    • management of the interface with residential properties to the rear.
  • Updating of Concept Plan Map ChSt/7 to include the Affected Area and provide guidance on preferred vehicle access movements, pedestrian connections and landscape buffers.
  • Applying the Noise and Air Emissions Overlay to the Affected Area (introduction of map).
  • Subsequent amendments to mapping to reflect the above zone and precinct changes.

DPA approved on 25 July 2019

Community consultation on the draft DPA occurred in late 2018 and early 2019 and a public meeting was held on Monday 18 February 2019 where members of the public made verbal representations in relation to the draft DPA and public submissions.

Council has since reviewed the draft DPA and a report was sent to the Minister for Planning seeking authorisation of the DPA. The Minister for Planning approved and gazetted the DPA on 25 July 2019. The policy amendment now forms part of the City of Charles Sturt Development Plan.