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What currently stops you from being involved in council consultation activities?

about 7 years ago

Are you interested in getting involved but experiencing problems and barriers to participating in Council consultations?

We want to understand what is getting in the way, so we can work with you to overcome these barriers and help you get involved.

This consultation has concluded.

  • Kenzie about 7 years ago
    The fact that there have been so many workshops and surveys in the past with a lot of involvement an commitment from the community only to have reports shelved for years and years and nothing come out of it. It is hard to keep up the enthusiasm for participation with a lack of tangible results or actions.
    • Albatros about 7 years ago
      There are just so many of these "butcher's paper and texta" events that you can go to but understand that council is a third tier of government and has inherited many of the traits from state government the most frustrating one being the end result and the proposed action that will be taken. Perhaps next time you attend one of these events suggest a time frame depending on the issue, 3 months or 6 months for a final result and how you will be notified and who can be contacted in council if you are not. For me it's juggling work, family and things I like to be involved with so I prefer online with a few paper and texta events to start with.