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Council projects in your area - what distance from home are you interested in?

about 7 years ago

Your street, your neighbourhood, your suburb, specific regions or Council wide? What is your area of interest?

This consultation has concluded.

  • Pelican Paul about 7 years ago
    Well, the whole planet actually. It obviously depends on the issue. For some, say like waste management, composting and recycling, its the whole council area. For others such as a mjor shopping centrendevelopment it might be one or more suburbs. For local community issuessuch as locating public toilets or a lcal redientail and commercial development, I like Fred Hansen's suggestion of anywhere within 20 minutes walk.
  • Albatros about 7 years ago
    I agree Pelican Paul that it depends on the issue there is a price that we pay for the services we receive from council and it appears evertime the rates notice arrives it has increased along with other fees and fee for services. As for the distance from home I am prepared to be involved with council projects that also involve other councils in the area that border Charles Sturt, there are a number of ways to be involved that have been indicated on the survey. An interest area for me is for Council's to become less reliant on fees and charges as income and enter into projects that generate income for the community an example would be as a "bulk energy provider", purchasing in bulk and passing on the savings in the way of a reduction in rates and other fees.
  • Uku-Lily almost 7 years ago
    I'm interested in the whole of my town of Adelaide. I reside in Brompton and often go to West Lakes shoreline in summer to walk and swim with my dog. No matter which part of the council ward I'm in, I constantly seem to be picking up rubbish or dog droppings left by careless residents and pet owners. I've just returned from the local park where I picked up two empty stubbies and an empty wine bottle and put them in the nearby bins. Then I spent half an hour on my haunches picking up broken glass from around the basketball court. While Brompton is being raped by developers who are building tiny boxes for rental tennants, the rest of us longer term residents are left with the mess that this is already causing. How do we address this issue? Why are people using our parks to get drunk, do drugs? and what can we do to offer better services for them? Sadly while the sense of community is being destroyed by development I hold very little hope that things will get better as more and more people disengage from society, their community etc. Instead we are becoming a suburb of strangers, where no-one talks to their neighbours, and no-one cares about their fellow citizens. And after council removed 26 street trees and 15 parking spaces from my street alone in the name of 'development' I got a parking fine the other day for parking in the laneway next to my house to unload my groceries. I only parked there because there was nowhere else left to park as the few remaining spaces were all taken. So while I unloaded my car, council made another $58 out of me. Not Happy Jan!!