What will my feedback be used for?

The objective of Your City, Your Say consultation project is to gather feedback from a broad range of community members on:

  • the type of projects that interest them
  • the engagement activities they prefer, &
  • the way in which they want to be kept informed of a council projects and activities. 

This will help us improve effectiveness and appropriateness of how we plan and implement community engagement projects across the city.

What is the purpose of the Public Consultation Policy?

The purpose of the Public Consultation Policy is to:

  • Meet legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 1999.
  • Enhance decision making by council.
  • Provide foundation of community engagement principles.
  • Foster an informed and engaged active citizenry.
  • Ensure Transparency and accountability in council.
  • Build community trust.
  • Ensure highest quality contemporary public participation practices.
  • Develop consistency of engagement approach in projects.

Will there be further consultation on the Public Consultation Policy?

Your City, Your Say is the first consultation phase of the Public Consultation Policy review process which is being rolled out between June and October 2012.

Future consultation phases of the Public Consultation Policy review process are:

  • Your City, Your Say - Consultation project 27 June to 18 July
  • Project Evaluations -  Consultation project August 2012 (date to be confirmed)
  • Draft Consultation Policy Consultation – October  2012 (date to be confirmed)