Handy tips for using online discussion forums

almost 5 years ago
Handy tips

If you are new to online discussion forums then the following notes help you understand what it is all about.


To get involved with online forum discussions you will need to register your details and create a user name for yourself. Simply click on the 'Register to Participate' button at the top right hand of the page.


Once registered you can make a comment in response to an online forum topic or question. This comment will be visible to any community members who view the page.


You can reply to another community member’s comment. Online forums can evolve into discussions with many people exchanging a range of views and perspectives. Don’t be afraid to get involved and join in with a discussion that interests you. By opting in to receiving notifications of replies you can more easily get involved in online conversations.


If you see a comment that you agree with then hit the ‘agree’ button. You can also choose to hit the ‘disagree’ button. That way we can get a better idea of the views that are more (or less) popular with you and your fellow community members.

Like and Share

Should you wish to share an online discussion you can easily ‘like’ and share the forum on your own social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However you must have set up one of these accounts first.

Alert Moderator

The Your Say website is moderated 24 hours a day. However if you see a comment that is personally offensive in any manner you can hit the ‘alert moderator’ to let us know and we will deal with the situation.