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Project Overview

Project Overview

Stage 1 - Woodville Road Streetscape Upgrade
Approved by Council for construction and budget allocated.
To commence in July 2022.

Stage 2 - Public Plaza and Woodville Road Development Site (including new park & ride adjacent St Clair Ave)
Subject to further Council consideration

Stage 3 - Port Road Median Gateway
Approved by Council for construction and budget allocated.
Planned for construction in 2022/2023. Timing to be confirmed.

Key Project Outcomes to Date

Woodville Road is changing

Following extensive public consultation, Council endorsed the Woodville Road and Streetscape project in December 2019 (refer CL 09/12/19, Item 6.136).

Council committed to commence the following works in 2020/21

  • To complete the final detailed design of stage 1 of the streetscape works.
  • Council contribution for the undergrounding of the power lines along Woodville Road from Norman Street to Port Road.
  • Council contribution to relocate the water main below Woodville Road to outside of the proposed central median to facilitate ease of construction of major works in the subsequent year.

As Woodville Road is an arterial road, the various design aspects need to be endorsed by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT). Designs have been through several rounds of review by DIT and amendments to the design have occurred in the past twelve months. Endorsement of final design drawings by DIT is expected in August 2021.

Some features of the approved concept plan had to be amended as part of the detailed design stage. The major changes are listed below:

  • Pedestrian Facilities
  • Tree Species
  • Public Art
  • Smart Tech
  • Intersections - modifications

Further details of all the changes to the above elements can be found in the Council report CL 09/08/2021, Item 6.71

Woodville Road Flythrough Animation

Artist Impression of project. Final detail subject to confirmation. Trees shown are indicative of size at maturity.

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