The Transport Asset Management Plan was endorsed by Council in September 2020.

You can now view the Plan.

Our Transport Network is vital to move you through our City.

Under the Local Government Act 1999, it is required that Councils develop, adopt and regularly review strategic management plans (in accordance with Section 122). As such our Draft Transport Asset Management Plan (AMP) is required to be renewed. The plan defines how we maintain and renew our transport assets that help to move our community through our City.

From our paths to roads, we aim to promote a sense of place for people and the sharing of streets to meet the needs of the community. We want you to be able to drive, walk and ride safely in your neighbourhood, which is what we consider when managing our assets.

Our transport network objectives include to:How do we deliver our objectives?

We develop Asset Management Plans which facilitate the delivery in a considered and sustainable way.

Our Transport Asset Management Plan (AMP) aims to establish a service level for our Transport Assets to ensure the overall transport network is in a suitable condition, functions appropriately and has sufficient capacity for existing use and future demand, to minimise risk of incident and injury.

What are Transport Assets?

Transport Assets are all assets that have a primary function of facilitating the movement of people and goods within our City such as:

How do we manage these assets?

We manage our assets at a transport network level, using a Strategic Asset Management (SAM) system. A SAM system helps us in modelling the likely timing of intervention to ensure the service level across the entire network can be managed through a viable funding scenario and assists us in prioritising and integrating transport asset works.

Feedback to date

In March 2019, we undertook a community survey to capture our residents’ and business owners’ satisfaction with aspects of services and facilities provided by us, as well as to gauge the importance of specific aspects of services provided to the community.

Our Community believe Transport Assets are of high importance and show that they are generally satisfied with local roads, shared use paths and footpaths.

With this in mind, we are always looking towards continuous improvement and understanding how we can better service our community when building and maintaining these assets.

Since the feedback we have developed the Draft Transport AMP, this integrates how we manage all transport assets. During the process we found that bigger changes were required to how we manage footpaths. We now manage them through our renewal and defect replacement program.