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What is your favourite Charles Sturt place?

We're on a mission to uncover the uniquely Westside places, spaces and experiences that make our City the fabulous community and destination that it is. We want to find the less well known spots that make Charles Sturt hum, that provide a sense of belonging and local identity, that leave you with all the good-feels when you visit. It could be a small food business that provides delectable ethnic treats, an artist's studio where rare pieces are created, a great walking route that combines creative road verges and street art or just a cool place to chill and hang out.

Share your favourite places with us so that others can discover what is great about the Westside.

  • Use the interactive map to locate your favourite place and tell us why you like it;
  • Tell us a story about a great place;
  • Use the map to head off by foot, bike or car to start exploring what others say is great about Charles Sturt.