In 2017 Council implemented a 40km/h Area speed limit in Croydon, West Croydon and Kilkenny. At the time, Rosetta Street was excluded from the lower speed limit as it is a ’distributor’ road in our road hierarchy. It was thought that keeping the speed limit at 50km/h would help to support the traffic movement function of the road. Based on feedback and requests from the community, we consider there to be merit in reducing the speed limit on Rosetta Street to 40km/h. This is in line with the surrounding local network and similar roads such as Chief Street and Hawker Street in Bowden/Brompton.

Traffic Investigations

Since the Croydon, West Croydon and Kilkenny 40km/h Area speed limits were introduced, we have investigated how functional 40km/h speed limits are in residential streets. We also consulted with the communities living in 40km/h Areas across our City, to see how they feel about the lower speed limits.

Results of Investigations

From our investigations and consultation with the community, we have determined:

  • Having multiple speeds limits within local suburb precincts is confusing
  • Reducing the speed limit in Rosetta Street would help to remove confusion of changing speed limits from adjacent streets
  • Reducing the speed limit can alert drivers travelling within a local precinct where the roads are used regularly by pedestrians and bike riders.
    Residents are often concerned about the additional travel time reduced speed limits will add to their journeys. During our reviews of existing 40km/h Areas, we found:
  • The time increase is minimal when local streets are used for their intended purpose (getting people to/ from homes/local facilities to arterial roads)
  • More time is lost by slowing down at intersections within the local street network and waiting at traffic lights on arterial roads
  • While the minimal travel time increase can be less convenient to drivers, it could prevent a casualty or fatality
  • Research estimates, a reduction in speed by 54km/h would reduce all urban crashes by 25%.
  • 40km/h Review and Road Safety Assessment

    These investigations helped to inform our Road Safety Assessment Procedure. This procedure outlines how we prioritise traffic controls where there is a low level of compliance with the speed limit or where traffic volumes are too high for the designated road function and design.

    We acknowledge that some streets surrounding Rosetta Street may be experiencing anti-social driver behaviour and high traffic volumes. We will continue to use our Road Safety Assessment Procedure to prioritise streets which need physical traffic control devices or different road designs, in conjunction with reduced speed limits to achieve the desired traffic conditions. We will continue to work with local residents to implement this where needed.

    Further information about the impacts of 40km/h Area speed limits and the results of the community consultation from the review can be found on our website.

    Community Consultation

    If you would like to provide comments on the proposed 40km speed limit for Rosetta Street, you can:
    • Complete a written submission online
    • Email us your submission
    • Post your comments to PO Box 1, Woodville SA 5011 (please include consultation name 'Rosetta Street 40km/h Speed Limit'

    Feedback is required by no later than 9am Monday 23 May 2022.