What are the proposed changes?

Permits and Penalties – continue to provide for a permit system and penalties in Council by-laws, to clarify the construction of such by-laws, and to repeal by-laws.

Changes proposed:

  • Formatting changes have only been proposed to provide ease of understanding. 

Moveable Signs – to set standards for moveable signs on streets and roads and to provide conditions for and the placement of such signs. 

Changes proposed:

  • Inclusion of clear Design and Construction Applicable to Movable Signs
  • Inclusion of Banners as a movable sign

Local Government Land – for the management and regulation of the use of and access to local government land (other than streets and roads) vested in or under the control of the Council, including the prohibition and regulation of particular activities on local government land.

Changes proposed:

  • Inclusion of Animals in Lakes and Ponds which is an addition to Animals in Ponds
  • The ability to close lakes during a determined period for all activities.
  • Addition of ‘prune’ of flora and fauna as an activity requiring permission on any local government land.
  • Amalgamation and inclusion of previous By-Law5 – Management of Vehicles and Animals

Roads – for the management, control and regulation of activities on roads.

Changes proposed:

  • Inclusion of green organics, household waste and recyclables within the definitions
  • Inclusion of Camping, Handbills on Vehicles and Public Exhibitions and Displays as Activities Requiring Permission.
  • Inclusion of Waste Management outlining the requirement for waste bins to be placed in front of the property and be removed on the same day as the collection, after the collection has taken place.
Dog and Cat By-Law

Changes proposed:

  • Clarification on dwelling size and the allowable number of pets per size of dwelling
  • Formatting and clarification of definitions. 

New By-Law proposed – Domestic Livestock Management

  • This by-law was created as a result of customer complaints in relation to the management of domestic livestock in particular relating to the owning of Poultry and Pigeons.
  • The By-Law outlines the requirement for effective management of these animals to ensure minimal nuisance is caused to surrounding properties.