Our vision for this reserve is to combine the 2 (two) exiting playgrounds to create 1 (one) large playground near the existing tennis courts and hall. This will allow for participation in formal and informal activities within close proximity to each other. Following the removal of the playground on the western side, the area will be returned to turf for open play.

The concept plan includes nature play along with swings, playstructure and tunnels

Nature play includes:

  • Stepping Logs (balance & seating)
  • Large Rocks (stepping & seating)
  • Free play

The playground elements include:

  • Play Structure
    • Climbing Rope
    • Slides
    • Stairs
  • Swings
    • Junior & Senior Seats
    • Basket Swing
  • Rubber softfall and mulch
  • Carousel with wheelchair access
  • Tunnels through a mound of grass and rubber surfacing
  • See-Saw
  • Rockers
Swing Set
Play Structure
Stepping/Seating Rocks
Balance/Seating Logs
Rubber Soft Fall
Tunnels through mounds