Military Road and Main Street into the future

We have developed a draft concept design for the upgrade of the section of Military Road between North and South Streets as well as Main Street in Henley Beach. This draft concept design has been developed using community feedback gathered late last year as well as other information and investigations.

The road pavement of the Military Road section is due for full reconstruction in 2020, presenting an ideal opportunity to think now about the streetscape and the role it will play in the area for the next 60 years.

This includes considering how landscaping, tree planting and urban design can contribute to improving amenity, reducing urban heat and promoting active travel and health and well-being. It also provides the opportunity to think about the possibilities for Main Street, and whether the vibrancy of Henley Square could be extended into this area in the future.

Although no work is currently planned on Main Street, it makes economical and practical sense to design it at the same time as Military Road. The design will help the community to imagine the possibilities and puts the Military Road design into context. We hope to use the finished design for the Main Street Precinct to attract external funding toward the construction of Main Street. There is currently no funding allocated for the Main Street component.

We are now seeking feedback from the community to develop the final concept.

Stage 2 Consultation has now concluded and we are working through the feedback. We will provide updates on this page soon.

What do you want to see, hear, feel, do?

  • Talk with us at the pop up event at Henley Square on Saturday 13 April between 10am and 1pm.
  • View draft concept designs
  • Read the FAQ's
  • Complete the online survey
  • Ask staff a question

Consultation closed on Friday 26 April 2019.





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