What is the purpose of this consultation?

Council has commenced its Local Heritage Places & Heritage Policies Review Project.  The primary objective of this project is to enable Council to increase its capacity to preserve and protect the City’s heritage and character. 

We are now seeking your nominations of buildings and places within the City of Charles Sturt that you feel have potential to be considered as a future Local Heritage Place.  All nominations received will be considered as part of the project’s ‘heritage review process’ where Council will consider a set of draft recommendations.

What is a local heritage place?

To be identified as a Local Heritage Place, a property must meet one or more of the following criteria set out in Section 23(4) of the Development Act 1993:

(a)     it displays historical, economic or social themes that are of importance to the local area;

(b)     it represents customs or ways of life that are characteristic of the local area;

(c)      it has played an important part in the lives of local residents;

(d)     it displays aesthetic merit, design characteristics or construction techniques of significance to the local area;

(e)     it is associated with a notable local personality or event;

(f)      it is a notable landmark in the area;

(g)     in the case of a tree (without limiting a preceding paragraph) – it is of special historical or social significance or importance within the local area.

When making your ‘Local Heritage Place’ nomination, please refer to the above and ensure your nomination meets at least one of these criteria.

Why conserve our built heritage?

The conservation of our built heritage provides us with a physical link to our past.  It maintains a sense of historical perspective and a framework for future development and tangible connections with past people and events in history. 

We are committed, through collecting this information and supporting the preparation of a Local Heritage Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to retaining such places in the City ofCharles Sturtarea for present and future generations to enjoy.

How do I make a nomination?

Click on the submission tab to make your nomination online.


Pick up a nomination form at any library or community centre.

Contact Donna on 8408 1221 or dmijatovic@charlessturt.sa.gov.au for more information.

How will the nominations be used?

All nominations received will be considered in Council’s Local Heritage Places & Heritage Policies Review Project.  The outcomes will shape part of the investigations of a future Heritage Development Plan Amendment (DPA).

Note: All nominations received will form part of a future report to Council.