Consultation update

Consultation has now concluded and we will provide an update soon.

The Asset Management Plans (AMP) for our Public Lighting and Water Assets, are required to be renewed. These plans define how we maintain and renew our public lighting and water assets to enable council to deliver these community services.

The draft Asset Management Plans for Public Lighting and Water Assets, was endorsed by Council in November 2020.

You can now view the draft plans, available to download in the document library.

Feedback to Date

In 2020 we undertook a citywide community survey to capture our residents’ satisfaction on services and facilities.

65% of residents told us that they feel safe during the day and night in their area. When asked why residents felt unsafe; 13% felt that lighting in local streets was poor. We have taken note of this and in the last 3 years the number of people that felt that light was poor has dropped by 9%.

66% of residents are happy with the way the stormwater functions in their local streets. We understand that stormwater is our unsung hero in keeping properties safe from flooding and we value any feedback you may have for these assets that not only include stormwater pipes and pits, but also our wetlands, ponds and recycled water network.

With this in mind, we are always looking towards continuous improvement and understanding how we can better service our community when building and maintaining these assets.

AMP Information

To view all relevant information for the Public Lighting and Water Assets AMP's, please refer to the buttons below.