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Project Overview

The section of Jetty Street between Surrey Street and Military Road is due for a road reconstruction, which is currently scheduled for the 2022/23 financial year. When we identify a road project, we also review any improvements to road safety, amenity and stormwater flow that can be made.

Jetty Street access to residential properties, a local primary school, small businesses, the beach, the Grange Lakes Corridor and arterial road network. We have taken what we have already heard from residents and local businesses and developed a draft concept plan.

Shopping Precinct

In September 2021 we met with a small group of business owners to understand how the shopping precinct functions and what could be improved. The key themes included traffic and pedestrians safety at the intersection. The speed of drivers entering Jetty Street near angled parking areas, and the risk to children and pedestrians crossing Military Road while drivers turn right from Jetty Street were key safety risks raised with near misses witnessed.

To improve pedestrians access, as well as safety and amenity for all road users, we propose to slow the traffic and remove the key safety risks identified.

This project aims to transform the shopping/business precinct into a place for people, where you would see:

  • upgraded wider footpaths on both sides of the street
  • a raised pedestrian crossing to cross Jetty Street as well as slow traffic entering
  • new landscaping
  • parking relocated away from the intersection and converted from angled to parallel
  • the right turn from Jetty Street to Military Road removed, improving safety for people crossing Military Road
  • creative elements such as artwork and sculptures, planned to be incorporated with future budgets
Streetscape Upgrade

From the shopping precinct to Surrey Street you would see:

  • upgraded footpaths on both sides of the street
  • accessible pedestrian ramps and zebra crossings at the intersections for east-west pedestrian traffic, heading to and from the coast
  • the road reconstructed with renewed kerbs, a new spoon drain, and new stormwater drainage to assist with localised flooding and ponding
  • Norfolk Island Pine trees retained
  • on-street parking bays marked out (Jetty Street to Charles Sturt Avenue) to maximise available spaces)
Military Road and Jetty Street Intersection

Military Road is under the care and control of the State Government. Proposals to install a roundabout at the Jetty Street intersection with Military Road have not been funded. Roundabouts improve safety for turning traffic, however they reduce safety for pedestrians and people on bikes. A proposal to install a roundabout at this location would likely increase traffic volumes on Jetty Street, increase the speed of drivers travelling past the shopping precinct, remove parking at the intersection and decrease safety for pedestrians. Council has asked the State Government if a pedestrian priority roundabout can be installed at this intersection (with zebra crossings on all approaches), however the proposal was not approved. This means that Council will not be proposing a roundabout at this location.

The removal of right turns for traffic from Jetty Street to Military Road has been modelled and will have a minimal impact on the overall street network, but improve safety for all road users, particularly pedestrians. Relocating the pedestrian lights that are further north along Military Road is not possible without signalising the intersection. The traffic volumes at this intersection do not warrant signalisation.

How to Get Involved and Provide Feedback

  • Community Conversations

    Attend our community conversation session at:

    The Coastal Deli, Jetty Street Grange
    Saturday 2 April 2022
    Drop in anytime between 10am to 12pm to chat with the project team

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What improvements are being proposed?

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Jetty Street Concept plan