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What's your vision for Charles Sturt in 2027? How should the City of tomorrow be different to the City of today?

over 7 years ago

Charles Sturt's population is currently just under 107,000 and projected to grow strongly, with forecasts suggesting that the City's population may reach 126,000 by 2026 and 150,000 by 2036. A high proportion of the City's residents are older adults (over 65) and nearly a third of the City's households are single person households. Both of these trends are set to continue. The City is also culturally diverse with almost a quarter of the population born overseas. For further information about the current and forecast population and demographic make up of the City see 'Charles Sturt - Preliminary Population Paper, August 2011'

This consultation has concluded.

  • Kate over 7 years ago
    It would be good to see more open spaces. Upgraded train stations to deal with a growing populations. I think that as the population grows transport routes are going to have to expand(do larger loops etc.) because people are going to be travelling out side of the city to work, due to the fact jobs in the city will already occupied.
  • Alive Wire over 7 years ago
    I reckon planting a community garden somewhere sensible, it would bring a slightly isolated or peaceful and quiet community somewhat closer or make the people who visit the garden start to recognise more neighbours in the area, I think we all need that :)
  • luclaire over 7 years ago
    We need MUCH better public transport! Trying to get to work, which is just a 10 minute drive from home, takes me 45 minutes on public transport! Having the trams go down the trainline would be incredibly useful, as I think some people feel more comfortable on trams than they do on trains. Also, Port Road desperately needs fixing. The top end, near the Ent. Cent. is attractive, light, airy, and has a lovely feel about it. If the whole of the road was like that, I think the community would have a much lighter and brighter feel about it.To support the growing population, we need to think about all of the area that has been used inefficiently. Many, many housing trust houses are either left empty, or not looked after by the people who are residing in them. If these areas were re-developed, knocking down the existing houses and building apartments with communual courtyards, not only could more people be given housing trust homes, but there would be more room for the people who wish to have their own houses in our area. This would also present opportunities to build more community spaces, like pools, parks and gathering centres.
  • Alive Wire over 7 years ago
    I reckon as for youth central, they should have a fund raiser to build up some funds, then after that, have their own solar powered mini bus transport to get to places, such as for the holiday program, gets them here and there, If they got a place to part it in the place, thatz a bonus! But first to get one. No more petrol problems nor concernin if they need to carry out some 'transport planning' if they got one :)
  • Bobby over 7 years ago
    Since moving to Brompton/Croydon area I have found the area both exciting and vibrant as well as disappointing. Hawker Street is a great example of public art, greenery and sense of community. Although when walking along Torrens Road I have experinced homophobic verbal abuse, and there is a real 'run down' dodgy feel to it as soon as you cross the train tracks heading North. I certainly look forward to the Bowden re-development and certainly hope it turns out like the type of place that is represented by the photos around the area. I think the Charles Sturt has some great opportunities for youth arts and has the potential to be a suburban arts centre for Adelaide.