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Natural environment - How important is it to you? How important is it that Council plays a role in environmental sustainability? What are the priorities for action?

over 7 years ago

Climate change, water management, biodiversity, waste management, recycling, more sustainable buildings and lifestyles are just a few of the topics you might want to consider here. For more 'food for thought' view the Sustainability Paper in the library.

This consultation has concluded.

  • Kate over 7 years ago
    In the city it would be great to see more green energy options, like solar panels in public spaces. Not only will this benefit the environment but it will make energy costs for the council lower. I think the water proofing the west project is a great idea and it was way overdue! I know that many people in the city have taken to recycling really well. I think it would be great though if the council pushed the food scraps recycling that I have seen in some houses. Reducing the amount of waste that enters the rivers would be fantastic. Yet it would be hard to achieve.
  • Alive Wire over 7 years ago
    Considering it wont let me reply to Kates comment Im goint to have to send my message on this server instead...I believe with the solar panels, particually one day for traffic lights, as weired as that soundz, but there are hundreds of them around, and good quality systems which wont go cobust! (Im not sure just how good quality solar panels are but one day they shuld be, unless they do come up again with some other idea) which only run on the traffic lights during daytime, back to mainstream electricity during the nighttime, also another thing, or mayb not, but I was going to say if it was safe, put like, a solar panel on the remaining telephone booth boxes (mayb only in country as some people can get bored and do not so good things to phone boxes themself so its a bit alarming).
  • luclaire over 7 years ago
    We need to begin to introduce more renewable energy into our city. Things like street lights, traffic lights and shop signs could all run on solar power, with connection to power grids in case of emergencies. This could encourage other people to use green energy in their homes, after they've seen the positive impact it's made around the city/the money it saves.We need a more efficient way to dispose of rubbish and hard waste as well. Recycling needs to become a main priority, and be encouraged even more than it already is. During hard rubbish collection week, people are forever driving around and picking good stuff up form outside other people's houses. This is the easiest form of recycling! If the council held hard rubbish more frequently, I think even more things would be collected. Also, the stuff that is collected could be sold, or donated to families who need it, because a lot of the stuff would be fine with a little bit of a touch up. Also, PLEASE improve the area around the Torrens! It's gross at the moment, and incredibly unsafe. I would never walk along there by myself, even during the day, because it's so eery and secluded. If more life was given to it, and there was a better way to control safety and visibility, it could be one of the main hubs of the city.