What is housing density?

Housing density relates to the number of dwellings per hectare in any given area. The State Government's 30 Year Plan for Graeter Adealide defines low, medium and high density as follows:

Low density: less that 35 dwelling units per hectare (du/ha)

Medium density: 35 - 70 du/ha

High density: more than 70 du/ha

What is infill development?

Infill development is the use of land withn a built up area for further construction.It focuses on the the reuse and repositioning of obsolete or underutilised buolding sites. Greenfields development by comparison is the creation of a planned community on previously undeveloped land.

What is a TOD?

A transit oriented development or TOD involves clustering a combination of housing, shops, workplaces, community facilities and open space around a public transport node (for example a train station). TODs are either medium or high density and are designed to encourage walking and cycling, strenghten public transport systems and to provide for housing diversity including affordable housing.