Who do I call to report illegally dumped rubbish?

If you see illegal dumping please call Council on 8408 1111

Why is illegally dumped rubbish wrapped in yellow tape before it is removed?

Council implemented an illegal dumping strategy in response to the increasing incidents of illegal dumping within our City in 2003.

As part of this strategy we implemented the use of ‘crime scene tape’ which is placed around illegally dumped materials to clearly identify material as being illegally dumped and to inform the community that Council is pursuing offenders.  It is an educational tool which is used to inform the community that the behaviour is illegal and unwanted. 

In addition to the crime scene tape, Council also undertakes a letter drop which is distributed to neighbouring properties alerting residents that the illegal dumping is under investigation and asking for information.  

What prosecution measures are in place for people who dump rubbish illegally?

Illegal dumping is an offence under Section 235 of the Local Government Ac, 1999.  There is provision for penalties and cost recovery where Council can identify an offender.  People who are caught illegally dumping rubbish can face a maximum penalty of $5000.00 or an on the spot fine of $315.00. 

The State Government also legislates against illegal dumping and The Environment Protection Act 1993 and the Environment Protection (Waste to Resources) Policy, 2010 have various provisions to prosecute offenders, with maximum penalties of $120,000

What if someone dumps rubbish in front of my house?

Please report it to Council on 8408 1111 and provide as much information as possible to assist Council in identifying the offender.