Walking and cycling have considerable health and environmental benefits and are important modes of transport, as they reduce levels of congestion, pollution and noise on our streets. The City of Charles Sturt encourages people to walk and cycle and aims to create a safer and more enjoyable environment for people to partake in these active travel modes.

The Outer Harbor Greenway plays an important role in supporting walking and cycling for neighbourhood trips in the north-western suburbs by providing connections to schools, shops, railway stations and cafes, as well enabling longer commuting trips to and from the Adelaide CBD.

We seek your assistance in developing ideas and visions to improve safety and the overall travel experience for users and residents along the Outer Harbor Greenway.

The Outer Harbor Greenway is a 20 kilometre long strategic walking and cycling route that links the City of Adelaide’s Park Lands to Outer Harbor. Day Terrace is one of the local streets along this Greenway that connects the suburbs of Kilkenny, West Croydon and Croydon.

The Westside Bicycle User Group and the City of Charles Sturt have secured DPTI Residents Win Program grant funding to beautify and ‘green’ the Greenway. The proposal was submitted in response to the Outer Harbor Greenway Audit recommendation to improve safety and amenity along to the Outer Harbor Greenway route.

The scope of the Outer Harbor Greenway Residents Win project includes the following components:

  • Installation of durable thermoplastic road surface artwork in Day Terrace at the intersections with Rosetta Street, Brown Street, Croydon Avenue and Thomas Street, to add interest, create awareness and highlight key intersections along the Greenway.
  • Installation of roadside artwork in Day Terrace, to create points of interest that may attract people to visit the Greenway.
  • Installation of artwork alongside Day Terrace on existing public infrastructure such as control boxes, stobie poles and bollards, to transform these everyday objects into opportunities for public art.
  • Installation of garden beds alongside Day Terrace, to soften and create a more inviting environment along this section of the Greenway.

This is your opportunity to tell us what the local area means to you and how you want the greenway to look and feel in the future.

You can help develop ideas by:

  • Attending a WALKshop and exchange local stories and develop ideas and visions for artwork and landscaping along the Greenway on Day Terrace. Register to attend below.
  • Add your ideas to the ideas board and vote for others
  • Ask a question

Consultation closes Friday 5 October 2018