Stage 4B Update - July 2021

The Grange Lakes Corridor Shared Use Path is a series of shared-use walking and cycling paths through local reserves and beside waterways between West Lakes and Henley Beach. It is an important strategic walking and cycling corridor within the City of Charles Sturt and the paths along it are steadily growing in popularity as more people learn about the tranquil and natural setting that it offers.

We completed construction of Stage 4B alongside Napier Drive in 2019/20 (southern end of Grange Lakes Reserve to Beach Street) and since then we have been undertaking planning and design for Stage 4B through Grange Lakes Reserve, alongside the Charles Sturt Museum (Jetty Street to Napier Drive).

The planning for Stage 4B has included negotiations with the Charles Sturt Memorial Museum Trust to allow Council to occupy a portion of the Trust’s land to enable the proposed widened path to follow the existing footpath alignment through Grange Lakes Reserve. We are pleased to advise that agreement has been reached and that a section of the path is proposed to be located on Trust land without the need to construct sections of pathway over the water.

The design also incorporates a large deck area for resting and a place to view the lake near the Charles Sturt Museum. This is a feature not seen in other sections of the Grange Lakes corridor and it is likely to become a popular place for people to rest, take in their surrounds or take photographs.

We have developed designs for Stage 4B with the path alignment and construction details shown in the concept plan, which includes:

  • A 2.5m-wide concrete shared use path along the existing footpath alignment through the reserve;
  • A sand-coloured path to complement the heritage setting;
  • Retaining walls at the water’s edge to allow path widening toward the water;
  • A composite timber deck (with steel supports and railing) as a resting and viewing place;
  • New seating near the viewing deck;
  • New path-edge post-top lighting using the “CREE Edge” LED luminaire (which balances modern lighting technology with heritage design).

Construction of the path has been scheduled to commence in Spring 2021. A start date has not yet been confirmed, however signage on site will be installed prior to commencement to advise of the duration of the path works and the details of alternative access routes between Jetty Street and Beach Street during construction.

Project Update - June 2019

Prior to Christmas last year we asked for feedback on path design options for Stage 4 of the Grange Lakes Corridor Shared Use Path, between Jetty Street and Beach Street in Grange.

We undertook consultation on a proposal to align a new shared use path through the Napier Drive cul-de-sac (requiring removal of the cul-de-sac bulb), for which we received majority support.

In response to community requests to reduce the use of boardwalks in Stage 4 to improve rideability and reduce construction and maintenance costs we undertook additional consultation with affected property owners in Napier Drive and Sturt Close, on a proposal to narrow the width of Napier Drive to 5.5 metres with the new path located on the natural ground surface adjacent to the existing stone wall. We received strong community objections to this proposal.

After reviewing the feedback, the project team revisited the option of relocating the existing stone wall adjacent Napier Drive to the east to accommodate the new path over the relocated wall (which was considered in the planning stages to be too expensive)

The option to relocate the stone wall was found to be more cost-effective than the construction of the boardwalk and comparable in cost to road narrowing. In addition, the stone wall relocation option responds well to both the project’s objectives and the community feedback.

We are now presenting the Stage 4A design option shown overleaf for Council endorsement. The proposal includes:

  • Removal of the Napier Drive cul-de-sac;
  • Relocation of Stone Wall adjacent Napier Drive;
  • Construction of the shared use path to the east of Napier Drive roadway and through cul-de-sac;
  • The Napier Drive road width to remain as-is, south of Sturt Close

A report presenting the technical assessment and outcome of community engagement for Stage 4 of the Grange Lakes Corridor Shared Use Path will be presented at the meeting of our Asset Management Committee on Monday 15 July 2019 (commencing at 6pm) at the Civic Centre, 72 Woodville Road, Woodville. A copy of the committee report is made available on the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Should the plan be endorsed by the Council, it is proposed to construct the new shared use path alongside Napier Drive, between Grange Lakes Reserve South and Beach Street in 2019/20 (“Stage 4A”).

It is proposed that design of “Stage 4B” (Napier Drive to Jetty Street) continues in 2019/20, pending discussions with the Charles Sturt Memorial Museum Trust about the alignment of paths through Grange Lakes Reserve South and near Trust land.

We would like to thank all those who have provided their comments to date, its greatly appreciated.


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