Project Overview

Eighth Street in Bowden, between Drayton Street and Gibson Street, is listed for road reconstruction in the current financial year road program. The construction works will be coordinated with the adjacent development to ensure that once the development is completed, the roadways, footpaths and lighting are renewed to support the community for the future.

The road and streetscape renewal project involves the following initiatives along with minor streetscape improvements in Gibson Street, Drayton Street and Seventh Street.

Eighth Street (between Drayton Street and Gibson Street)

  • Resurfacing of the roadway
  • Replacement of all kerb and gutter
  • Road widening on the southern side of Eighth Street to allow for widening of footpaths and the planting of trees
  • Raised entry treatment at the intersection of Drayton Street and Eighth Street
  • Minor stormwater improvements
  • Installation of additional lighting on the existing stobie poles
  • The inclusion of the existing permit parking spaces in the street (8 in total)

Gibson Street and Eighth Street intersection

  • Widening of footpaths and the planting of trees
  • Realignment of the footpath on the northwestern side of the street to improve pedestrian access
  • The installation of kerb access ramps to improve pedestrian access across the intersection to Emu Park
  • Minor stormwater improvements

Seventh Street (between Drayton Street and Gibson Street)

  • Road widening on the northern side of Seventh Street to allow for widening of footpaths and the planting of trees.
  • Replacement of concrete kerb and gutter on the northern side only Drayton Street (between Eighth Street and Seventh Street)
  • Renewal of the footpath and planting of trees.

    Please note, the preferred species of trees has not yet been determined.
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