Previous Consultation

about 3 years ago
Traffic grange cropped

Early consultation was conducted from May to July 2015. Local residents were surveyed. Staff also spent time walking the streets interviewing community members out and about within our City. This provided us with a rich understanding of community views on the transport network and what improvements need to be made for the future.

Key findings of the consultation include the following:

  • Approximately half of respondents said that public transport services are too slow, too infrequent and the wait times were excessive
  • Lighting in reserves and streets do not meet resident’s expectations
  • A majority of residents stated that they would catch public transport if it was equal to, or up to 15min slower than driving a vehicle
  • Crossings at major roads were not considered adequate
  • Private vehicle use was rated the most important mode of transport
  • Increased spending on off-road shared pedestrian and cycling paths were the highest requested area for future infrastructure spending

This feedback has been incorporated in the plan which is currently being consulted on.

Consultation has concluded