Why is public art important?

Public Art is important because it adds both a human and a creative element to what can sometimes be a predictable or mundane space.

Isn’t Public Art just expensive Bronze statues?

Definitely not. Public Art is very diverse as it can be enduring or temporary, large or small, free standing or integrated into something functional.  It can challenge your ideals, or tell an important story, project sound, light or music,  compel you to reflect, connect or imagine.  It should never be boring!

I’m a Community Artist, won’t the policy and guidelines stifle my creativity?

No the guidelines are there to help you consider all the various elements of creating public art so that it is safe for all the community to enjoy.  There is no tedious application form, instead you will be encouraged to talk through your project idea with us first, and then together we can streamline your application so that it can be approved at a progressive pace. The Policy is there to protect our public art, the artist that created it and to ensure that all artists are treated fairly and with transparency.