Final Outcomes

Council has allocated funding in the in the current financial year to install a basketball half-court at Corcoran Reserve, West Lakes.

Following community consultation in 2020, the proposed location of the basketball half-court has been revised, moving it approximately 15 metres south in order to use the existing mounds and trees as a sound and visual barrier. In addition, netting will be installed on three sides surrounding the half-court, to further suppress sound and contain the ball within the court area. Below is the concept plan and images of existing basketball ring, courts & netting for illustration purposes.

A new accessible footpath will connect the half-court to the adjacent footpath and an adjustable basketball ring will be installed, allowing users of all ages and abilities to enjoy the court by adjusting the height of the ring to suit their needs.

Works are planned to be completed by late December 2021, weather permitting.

Next Steps

Following the endorsed Council motion on 22 February 2021, and the Budget Bid process this proposal will now be considered at the Corporate Services Committee meeting on Tuesday 16 March 2021, to review Capital and Annual Operating budget bids 2021/22 and determine those bids for inclusion in the Draft Annual Business Plan 2021/22 for consultation.

Project Update & Report for Consultation Outcomes

The consultation period has now closed. Staff will now review all feedback received and prepare a report for presentation to the Asset Management Committee on Monday 15 February 2021.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback for the consultation.

The report presented to the Asset Management Committee can be viewed here and the minutes for the meeting are available here.

The following motion was endorsed by Council on 22 February 2021:


1. That the report be received and noted.

2. That the results of community engagement for a proposed new basketball half-court at Corcoran Reserve, West Lakes, as outlined in this report and Appendix B, be noted.

3. That the Elected Member Budget Proposal for the proposed for a new basketball halfcourt at Corcoran Reserve be considered at a future meeting of the Corporate Services Committee, when all 2021/22 budget proposals are reviewed, and that the outcomes of the community consultation results as outlined in Appendix B, and the petition against the proposal presented to the Council meeting on 25 January 2021 (Item 5.01), be considered at that time.

4. That the existing basketball half-court at West Lakes Shore Oval be renewed in 2022/23, in line with allocated funding in the Open Space and Recreation Infrastructure Asset Management Plan.

5. That the resident who initially requested the new basketball half-court at Corcoran Reserve and all other persons making a formal submission as part of the consultation process, and petition, be notified of Council's decision.

Proposal Background

Council has received a request from the community to construct a basketball half-court at Corcoran Reserve, Corcoran Drive, West Lakes, and we are now seeking your feedback on the proposal.

Corcoran Reserve is approximately 1.4 hectares in size and is a popular reserve for ‘unstructured’ recreation activities such as fitness, kicking a ball, socialising, dog exercise and providing access to the lake. Currently, there are no recreation facilities such as a playground or other courts located at the reserve.

Community Consultation

The proposed basketball half-court will be located centrally within the reserve and, subject to further design, will be approximately 10m x 10m with a concrete base, baketball ring and backboard. The half-court will also require paving an area of approximately 80m2 that is currently turf, and associated fencing to stop basketballs going into the lake or onto Corcoran Drive.

The closest basketball half-courts are located at West Lakes Shore Oval, approximately 850 metres away (or 1800 metres by car, walking or cycling) and Carnegie South Reserve, Royal Park, located approximately 1.4 km away.

Feedback received from the consultation will allow staff to determine resident and community sentiments on the proposal and plan for future directions within the reserve.

To provide your feedback on the proposal please complete the survey, the consultation will close on Thursday 7 January 2021.