Project Updates

Project Overview - December 2021

In May 2021 we wrote to you seeking feedback on the proposed scope for the reconstruction of Bridgman Road, which included presentation of a traffic control plan endorsed by Council after community consultation in 2012/13.The main purpose of our consultation in May was to reconnect with the local community to understand whether the 2013 concept design was still valid and whether amendments were required.

The response was mixed, with 45% of respondents supporting the design, 17% responding negatively and the remainder providing mixed or neutral feedback. About one-third of respondents suggested that the existing ‘driveway entry’ at the Hammond Road intersection be removed or replaced with something new, as many locals feel it is confusing and unsafe.

Since receiving this feedback, we have investigated traffic conditions across a wider area, including the streets that adjoin Bridgman Road, and we now present for community comment an alternative traffic control plan that includes Bridgman Road, Hammond Road and Norman Street. The main features of this revised plan are as follows:

Bridgman Road

The previously proposed roundabout has been replaced by road humps and raised intersections, as many felt that a roundabout was unlikely to adequately slow traffic. Typical speeds in this street are currently in the low 50s (km/h), which is not considered acceptable in a street with a 40km/h speed limit.

We still propose construction of a pattern pave entrance at the Findon Road intersection (with pavement bars and separated left and right turn lanes on the approach to Findon Road), minor kerb realignment at the Whimpress Avenue intersection and to upgrade kerb ramps to comply with disability access requirements.

Hammond Road

Road humps are proposed as traffic speeds in this street have been relatively high for many years and in response to concerns that the existing traffic control devices at both ends and in the centre are inadequate. Typical speeds in this street are in the low 50s.

Norman Street

Road humps are proposed to prevent this street being used as an alternative cut-through route to avoid road humps in Bridgman Road and Hammond Road, but also because typical speeds in this street are in the low 50s.

Bridgman Road/Hammond Road driveway entry’

This device has been replaced with a raised intersection.

Bridgman Road Tree Species

The previous consultation also included a proposal to remove and replace some existing trees and plant in the vacant areas of the verge in Bridgman Road. We can advise that the final species selection in response to community feedback is European Hackberry (Celtis australis).

How to provide your feedback

  • Attend our Community Drop In Session

    Speak with the project team at the Findon Community Centre
    Findon Road, Findon
    Monday 24 January 2022
    Drop in any time between 4.30pm to 6.30pm

    Being an indoor event and with the current COVID restrictions, wearing of a mask is required upon entry.

Following consultation, we will provide you with an update on the next steps for the Road Reconstruction of Bridgman Road and Traffic Safety Improvements in Hammond Road and Norman Street.