Project Update

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the consultation period.

A report on the consultation outcomes will be presented to the Asset Management Committee on Monday 21 September 2020 and will be available for viewing after 4:00pm on Thursday 17 September 2020.

Background Information

Council has been approached by the owners and operators of Plants 3 & 4 (Ceres Market Shed Pty Ltd) requesting use of portions of Bowden Village Reserve for licenced outdoor dining as part of their commercial operations. The owners have recently been granted development approval through the State Commission Assessment Panel to refurbish Plant 3 which includes the installation of a microbrewery and the construction of a balcony that will be constructed above a portion of the Reserve and adjoining the western wall of Plant 3.

The Reserve is classified community land (as defined in the Local Government Act 1999) and in accordance with the Act Council maintains a Community Land Management Plan (CLMP) for the Reserve that determines how the land can be used and managed. The plan also determines whether a licence/lease to occupy any part of the land can be issued to a commercial operator for specified purposes. The management plan for Bowden Village Reserve does not currently support commercial outdoor licenced dining activities, nor does it permit for private assets to be placed on the land, as such Council would be unable to permit Plants 3 & 4 to operate their outdoor dining activities on the Reserve.

A report was presented to the Asset Management Committee on Monday 20 July 2020 detailing the draft amended CLMP and the proposed licenced outdoor dining area.

Council seeks to continue providing a vibrant meeting place at Bowden Village Reserve, a place that offers local residents and visitors a variety of cultural and recreational experiences. And while we believe the addition of licenced outdoor dining to the area will further enhance the community connectedness and vibrancy you currently enjoy we want to hear what you think.

Community Consultation

A draft amended Community Land Management Plan for the Reserve has been prepared and is included in the document library. It allows Council to permit licenced outdoor dining activities, it specifies the area that can be used for those activities and it enables Council to issue the necessary occupancy agreements to commercial operators for both the activities and the balcony encroachment onto the Reserve.

Consultation commences on Wednesday 5 August, 2020 and closes at 5.00pm on Wednesday 26 August, 2020. To provide your feedback to the proposed amendments to the Community Land Management Plan.

The results of this consultation and your feedback will be reported to Council providing them with the details required to make an informed decision relating to the proposal to amend the Community Land Management Plan.

Who's Listening

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