In 2008, the City of Charles Sturt investigated high volumes of traffic using Blanford Street and Malcolm Street, West Croydon, as a cut-through route to avoid the Rosetta Street/Port Road intersection. At that time, we proposed 4 different modification options to the Malcolm Street/Port Road intersection, to reduce the number of cars travelling into/out of Malcolm Street, however, strong objections were received to each of the 4 options due to restricted access into and out of the area and a risk of pushing the problem to adjacent streets. Therefore, it was resolved to retain the current arrangement and not take any further action.

Due to ‘cut through’ traffic and high vehicle speeds remaining an ongoing concern for residents in Blanford Street, we undertook further investigations into the installation of traffic controls to try and discourage this behaviour.

A number of traffic control options were considered for Blanford Street, including slow points, raised plateaus, traditional speed humps and driveway links; however it was found that many are not suitable due to the location of existing driveways. Following our review, road humps and driveway links were identified as two feasible options to reduce the speed at which people drive through Blanford Street and to discourage some non-local traffic from using the street.

Through consultation most support received was for road humps in Blanford Street (both between Jane Street and Rosetta Street, and between Rosetta Street and Malcolm Street), we will seek budget approval for the installation of road humps in the 2019/20 financial year.

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