Belmore Terrace in Woodville and Woodville Park is a local road that runs parallel to the Outer Harbor railway line between Woodville Road and David Terrace, although access to Belmore Terrace is prohibited at Woodville Road.

Belmore Terrace also forms part of the Outer Harbor Greenway that is a strategic walking and cycling route which generally runs along the alignment of the Outer Harbor Railway line between the Adelaide CBD and Outer Harbor.

Belmore Terrace currently contains a series of traffic controls (driveway entry links) at the following intersections:

  • Belmore Terrace / Hughes Street North
  • Belmore Terrace / Park Street North
  • Belmore Terrace / Dale Street

These traffic controls are due for renewal in 2019/20, which presents an opportunity to review the design to ensure they are the most appropriate option moving forward, rather than simply replacing the driveway entry links, which have the potential to cause conflicts with cyclists/pedestrians and cars when using the greenway.

Several options were looked at, considering the needs of cyclists to facilitate increased cycling activity along the corridor and adjoining land uses, it was determined that raised intersection treatments are the most appropriate option at the locations mentioned above.

Engagement Overview

Community engagement was undertaken with local residents and surrounding streets with a concept plan mailed out to 703 residents and ratepayers showing the proposed raised intersections and inviting written submissions to the proposal. We also door knocked and met with residents and business owners who reside at the intersections to get a better understanding of the current use and issues.

The consultation was opened from 21 August to 12 September 2018 where we received 19 responses to the proposal. Of those we had 10 written submissions online and 9 discussions face to face and over the phone.

During our interactions and conversation with the community it was identified specifically at the Belmore/Park Street North intersection that some parking will be lost. There were also concerns raised in relation to the noise that the proposed pattern paved treatment surface may produce when cars travel over it.

Overall the submissions received identified that a majority (11) supported the upgrade to the current traffic device to the raised intersection treatment.

Consultation Outcome

Following positive feedback from the community we have amended the concept plan to now reflect that two parking spaces in front of the shops at 22 Belmore Terrace will remain. The raised intersection treatment road surface will remain as asphalt until we further consult in 2019 with directly affected residents to determine the type of material or artwork that may be suitable.

We are currently finalising the detailed design of these intersections, with a request for funding to be submitted for construction in the 2019/20 financial year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to view the concept plan and provide feedback. Your participation is very much appreciated.

View the revised plan here